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Monday 9 November 2015

I'm not sure where I found these questions but I decided to do a fun little blog post where both James and I answer the questions, I know people usually do these in Youtube videos but I'm not a Vlogger so here goes:

1. Where did we meet? 
Both: We met on Tinder, It's a dating app

2. Where was our first date?
Me: We was meant to go bowling but ended up going to wetherspoons, then to the cinema and back to wetherspoons to have a meal, we had 3 dates in one day. 
James: wetherspoons for a drink.

3. What was your first impression of me ? 
Me: James is a very funny and friendly guy, he has the ability to make me feel very comfortable even when I was anxious when I first met him. 
James: Quiet slightly embarrassed I guess?

4. When did you meet the family?
Me: I met them about a month into our relationship.
James: Roughly a month into the relationship.

5. Weird habit that you notice each other do? 
Me: repeating the same catch phrase all the time.
James: chewing on her nails.

6. How long have we been together? 
Both: 8 Months, nearly 9.

7. Do we have any traditions? 
Both: On Wednesday we go cinema and have a roast on Sunday's.

8. First thing you noticed about me?
Me: He has a really cute smile and lovely blue eyes, he is funny and smart which attracts me a lot.
James: She was/still is pretty and her smile caught my attention straight away.

9. What pisses her/him off?
Me: When I'm in a pissy mood because I ended up being so negative and annoying (which I can openly admit) Oh and when the food we order tastes like crap.
James: My farting? The internet being slow and me waking her up early on Sunday mornings.

10. What do we argue about the most?
Me: I think I'm the one who argues the most, I do take things the wrong way and think he is being nasty to me when he is just joking about.
James: My farting again? When she thinks I'm being mean but I'm only messing about.

11. Who wears the pants in the relationship?
Me: both of us? 
 James: Elle does.

12. Do I have any weird obsessions? 
Me: James loves Sirloin steak, We eat it a lot.
James: Makeup, she has a lot of it.

13. If I'm watching TV, what am I watching?
Me: James would be watching Community, StarWars, Game of Thrones, gosh there are loads!
James: Elle would most likely watch anything with cats in it and judge rinder.

14. What is one talent that I have?
Me: He is really really good at maths.
James: cooking and crafty stuff, the headbands you make.

15. My favourite kind of music?
Me: The prodigy
James: gangster rap.

16. What can I spend hours doing?
Me: Most likely sleeping or playing video games. 
James: kindle? Bath?

17. My favourite kind of sandwich? 
Me: I think it would be a bacon sandwich but he would pick a pasty over a sandwich.
James: chicken or prawns?

18. Something she/he does that you wish she/he didn't? 
Me: He takes ages to cut his toe nails and stabs me with them.
James: farting and getting in a mood/strop so easily and quickly. 

19. What is one food that I do not like?
Me: He will eat anything except liver and stew.
James: Mushrooms and peppers.

20. Favourite food? 
Me: He loves chicken.
James: Chinese. 

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