Gizzy and Penni

Sunday 3 February 2013

A lot of people know i have two kitties called Penni and Gizzy, they are naughty funny little things but i love them. Penni is a Bengal cat she is nearly 4 years old and Gizzy is a tabby cat, she is very small though and won't grow any bigger, she is nearly 2. So here are some cute pictures of them:

Penni: She is a very bossy kitty and has a very very loud meow, just over a year ago we decided to breed her, unfortunately she gave birth to two still born kittens. We then decided it was best to get her and Gizzy neutered at the same time, we couldn't cope with Penni's mating calls all day and all night. She is a beautiful Missy though and has the most wonderful eyes. Penni is my mums cat, but all of us treat her as our own in the house.
Gizzy: After Penni lost her kittens i asked my parents if i could get a kitten, after much persuading and begging they let me get Gizzy. When i first got her she was very very naughty and kept peeing on my bed and all over the house. Penni and Gizzy use to hate each other but since we moved into our new house they have becme buddies. She is a funny little thing with the cutest little meow (penni taught her how to meow because gizzy didn't know how) sometimes when she is meowing she says "mum" and "no", i'm serious this little kitty can talk!
 If i ever lost them i would never get over it and be devastated, they are like little babies to me. They both give their paws, and beg for treats and play fetch, it's so cute to watch. I hope you liked their squishy little faces!


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