Mimi the cat: Mimi's Scratcher | Nintendo Switch Review.

Tuesday 23 April 2024

Publisher: Wise Box Studios, AFIL Games
Developer: Wise Box Studios
Nintendo Switch Review

*Disclaimer: I was sent the code for this game for PS4 in return for a review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

This is going to be a short review seeing as the game is quite simplistic there isn't much to cover, except the fact that I'm rubbish at it. Mimi is a little cat on a mission to find that scratch board, it's our job to get her there. Sounds simple enough right? On the surface this game looks adorable, nice and relaxing whilst getting your brain working but let me tell you it was far from that. I don't mind admitting that I'm terrible at puzzles, this game was one that left me a little stumped at times even though the obvious was screaming at me.

What am I referring too? Well, there are boxes players need to move in order for mimi to get to her scratchboard, at the same time players press the direction they want her to go in. Sometimes it would leave her trapped and unfortunately meant restarting the level, looking at where you went wrong and trying different directions. For me the issue wasn't the direction mimi was going but more so the boxes. At times there were more than one box and one wrong push would trap the box or push it on top of another making it impossible to move and let's just say I did this one too many times making myself rage. I had no idea what this game had in store for me nor how annoyed I would get with myself yet once I got past a level I was stuck on I felt so rich relief only to be met with another level that had me facepalming at myself.

Although I was frustrated a vast majority of the time playing, I actually enjoyed the game. There are 55 levels to play through each more difficult than the previous one. Once you look back on how you completed a level it looks so obvious and you think how did I miss that. The developers certainly wanted players to spend as much time problem solving as they could which is actually good for your brain function. I have progressed further than the images show above and it was a struggle, those who like a challenge will probably see what moves they need to make straight away unlike myself. 

I will be showing my partner the game just to see how difficult he found it compared to me, he is a lot better at solving puzzles than I am. I just know when he is able to solve the levels I found hard he will be smug about it (its ok we will both laugh about it!). The music kind of reminded me of Sims, this isn't a bad thing in the slightest as I always find the music for The Sims to have a cute charming feel to it much like this game. In terms of accessibility, there is none, the game has been kept pretty simple so players focus on the task at hand. I suppose changing the colour from light to dark when playing can be helpful to some and the ingame menu is very easy to navigate along with the control. Over all the graphics are cute and the game is fun for everyone to try, it would make a great game for games night to see who can solve the puzzles fastest. 

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