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Tuesday 29 November 2022

image showing a pair of Klatre headphones on a wooden tray

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product in return for an honest review, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

Whenever I think of earphones and headphones I either think of them cupping my ears or going inside of them but never ones that sit just in front of the ear canal, I actually never knew these existed until this year and as someone who gets ear infection, has a ear growth and now a conch piercing these have been a game changer for me. There are many reasons why people choose not use earphones or headphones with ear cups for example, some people experience moisture and fluid being trapped in the ear which is a breeding ground for fungi and bacteria which will often lead to ear infections. With headphones some users complain of the cups squishing their ear which can cause headaches (I've experienced this many times) this is why Klatre' LS1 Headphones are so interesting to me.

  • Open-Ear Comfort
  • Boost Bass 1.0 Sound Quality
  • Hearing Protection
  • 8-Hour Battery Life
  • 1-Hour Quick Charge
  • Water and Sweat Resistant

Klatre' headphones came packed nicely, inside the box were instructions, two charging cables, earplugs, the headphones themselves along with a soft bag which can be used to store the headphones in when you want to put them in your bag. I connected them to my phone straight away and found they had some charge, I tested the sound quality before I put them on charge. I use a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE which paired quickly and easily with the headset, I've been using them for a while not with no issues. Battery life was what I was most impressed by, I could use these for 8 hours before they would eventually run out, charging was very quick (took around an hour to fully charge) and easy and on top of that it came with two charging cables which meant I could keep one upstairs and one downstairs.

These headphones come equipped with 2 different microphones, one of which is to make calls but i choose not to, I would rather have my phone up to my ear when it comes to that, if you want to use these for handsfree calling they work perfectly well for it. The other is for noise cancellation, there are 2 vibrator units inside the headphones which eliminate echos and adopt ENC (environmental noise cancellation) which helps make your voice heard louder than your surroundings. They also feature shape memory which means the headphones themselves won't become loose or shift when using them.

I was curious as to how I would still be able to hear sound when the headphones weren't physically playing into the center of my ear. It's a pretty cool concept, bone headphones work in a very different way, they send vibrations through your bone of the head and jaw and bypass the eardrum going straight to the inner ear. This way of hearing sound also makes it possible for me to hear my surroundings and still stay alert of what is going on around me. Why is this important? If you're out running (not me) you need to be aware of any dangers that may occur, cars nearing close, and I hate to say this but in this day and age as a women we have to be aware of any footsteps to hear people coming. The main feature people will want to know about is sound quality, it's not the loudest even at full volume, I could hear my music clearly still which gives me the thumbs up. 

Calling these headphones was weird to me but apparently they're considered headphones as they still go around your head but they hook around the top of your ear making they are to me a mix of both headphone and earphones. As far as comfort goes I can wear them for around 4 hours without them bothering me, not having to worry about a wire catching is handy. The only issue for me is when it sits behind my head it sticks out a little, I put this down to me having a small head. The water resident aspect is a good design call, for those who run or are out and about in all sorts of weather this means a bit of rain won't stop their love for listening to music whilst out and about, but please be aware you CAN'T swim in these. 

How strong are they? I can't say that I'm very strong but I did twist them, pull on them and drop them all in one go and they still work perfectly fine. i have broken so many earphones and headphones in my life that's why I tend to put them through all this. Klatre's Headphones look and feel lot more expensive than they actually are, you can get these for around £89.99 and for the price they are worth buying, there are brands out there that are much more expensive than these that do exactly the same thing, these are a cheaper option who are just as good as other brands. I personally love using them whilst I'm exercising, mostly on my exercise bike and highly recommend them.

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