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Wednesday 29 June 2022

Sometimes I think about when I was younger and would use the family PC to play classic card games, I still couldn't believe that I was able to play them on a computer and would spend my time slot on there playing them all to see which ones I was better at knowing full well I was awful at them all. My sisters and i would happily take it in turns using the pc and would tell tell each other which ones to try. One game that's always been played by my family was solitaire, but solely on PC for some weird reason, I guess we preferred it over having to get cards out, I wouldn't say it was one of my favourites to play but it was up there on my top 5.

A favourite game of mine to play was and still is are word search games, I like for my mind to be challenged with words, I read a while back that word searches can keep your mind active and as someone who needs distractions these are the games that keep me calm and collected whilst being thought provoking. One of my fondest secondary school memories was the teacher giving us a task to complete a word search in German and whoever found the most words as well as words not listed would win a giant Yorkie bar and I actually won! I often look around for websites that have free word searches and one of them is a site called, the classic old school style website certainly took me back in time and was very nostalgic to say the least. is packed full of puzzles from card games to logic puzzles, the wide variety in games means they have something for everyone and the games are free to play. I use a Mac to game on most of the time so I don't have any free games that came with it, being able to pop on a website with no clickbait and popup adverts is what I like most! considering this website has been around for 22 years I would say its a hidden gem and they're kid friendly. There are 9 different categories the games fall under with over 50 games to choose from:

The fact that the creators of this website care about providing people with classic games for free speaks volumes to me, there is such a wide audience for this type of gaming and what with everything being online these days even the older generation who grew up playing with cards will be able to use to occupy their days. With the added bonus of the games working on mobile, PC and tablets it's easily accessible for those who want to game on the go or just whilst they're doing some work sat at the PC. 

If you're unsure of how to play any of these games and they're still new to you there is no need to fear, each game comes with clear instructions, in fact the Solitaire instructions are pretty in depth especially when they give advice on how to play and win. If you scroll down on the home page it will give you even more games than are listed in the tab at the top to choose from and it certainly unlocked a lot of memories for me. Some games have a pause button which is handy for when I get distracted or have to pop to the loo, I like to try and beat my time score on games, although when you pause the game doesn't allow cheating and the game will look blank behind a popup window. 

For those with kids who you think have spent too much time watching videos you could happily compromise and let them use this website as an alternative, it's great for all ages so parents can play too. Hidden object games and Animal Connection games are a great way for kids to play and work together, they can even take it in turns and learn to work as a team. If i was a kid and had a tablet I would happily sit down and play the games for hours on end if I could. I would waste countless hours playing card games in school, playing on random gaming websites that weren't blocked if I had finished all my work in IT. So if you want that Nostalgic feeling be sure to check out

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