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Thursday 23 December 2021

Much like me people have been waiting for the big ACNH update, I wasn't sure what would come from it but its safe to say I wasn't disappointed in the slightest. After spending hours on my own island perfecting where I wanted the shops I had the urge to change a few things to make way for Roosters CafĂ©, my museum was on the far left hand side of my island in a hidden corner because I wanted to make it a mysterious find within a forest. Due to Roosters opening I felt it was only fitting to move it to where my shops were to make it easier for me and anyone visiting. After I moved it I was struck with some inspiration to turn some of the outside area in front of the shops into a market place which still has a lot more I want to add to it (picture below). 

ACNH has made it possible for players to express themselves in so many creative ways, since playing I have made my own outfits as well as customising patterns for materials that are customisable within the game. Pinterest has helped me create the island ideas I had running around my head thanks to so many talented ACNH creators, I even have a joint board with Krista for designs we both love and use/want to use. I tend to use time travel as the main tool to get my island in order yet I've found myself using it less and less, I was experiencing burn out due to wanting to rush and it was ruining my enjoyment for ACNH so now I tend to just use it if I really need to such as after moving a building and not wanting to wait for it to be built. 

The best thing about New Horizons for me is how much freedom I have to create a world of my own, the only downside is having to share that space if you share the same nintendo switch, I wish there was an option for other accounts to have their own islands, there are a few people I've spoken about this to and one of which doesn't feel like playing AC anymore because they don't have the freedom to create their own island and feel like they're isn't much they can do because it's not their save nor their island, I hope Nintendo reconsider this feature soon but i have a feeling that's just wishful thinking on my part.

We can now get the Froggy chair in different colours!!

The latest DLC was released on November 5th, I didn't want to wait for it and asked James to hunt down a cheaper version of it for me. We managed to get it for about £16 from CDKeys (highly recommend them) instead of paying £22 from the Nintendo store. So what do you do in Happy Home Paradise? It's simple really, you create dream holiday homes for animal residents. Once you have the DLC you go to speak to Tom Nook who will request you come to the airport to meet someone called Lottie who is a cute little pink Otter, she then tells you she had a proposition for you to come and work for her company called Paradise Planning, where you can create dream holiday homes for residents. Once you accept the DLC is then unlocked and you're able to use your airport and select go to work. When you reach the island there are two more characters you meet, Niko who is an adorable little monkey and Wardell avery quiet and kind soul who happens to be a manatee. 

Before I got started with work I had to choose my uniform and put it on, there were a few choices but I went with a dress, I then went to the beach where there were several animal crossing characters waiting to meet me so I could create their dream holiday homes. My first home wasn't great, I slowly eased myself into things and got the hang of it all by my fourth holiday home, I ended up finding inspiration from other peoples creation on twitter and from that moment on I spent a lot of my time concentrating on the small details. 

When I created 6 holiday homes I unlocked the school which also unlocked editing the room sizes, then when I reached 8 holiday homes I unlocked wall Partitions which I can not only use when playing Paradise Planning but I can also use in my own home, before I was using screens to break up a room but now I can actually split a room in different ways so it's not as open planned.  To unlock the final feature you will need to create 35 holiday homes, if you want to see what else you can unlock check out Nintendo Life's Guide. I'm not sure if anyone else gets carried away with creating holiday homes for AC animals and trying to create the perfect theme for them but I find I spend way too long just creating one holiday home. It's not a bad thing at all, it makes the DLC well worth the price, it does make me neglect my own island when I get carried away though. If you can't afford the DLC right now I highly recommend being added to a family nintendo membership, it includes the DLC and everyone on that membership is able to play it.

Happy Home Paradise was everything and more that I wanted, if like me you played Happy Home Designer you will be as ecstatic as I was when the DLC was announced, I was lucky enough to play Happy Home Designer thanks to my friend Krista gifting me a copy for Nintendo DS, it's pretty similar and it's where I first met Lottie, if you have a Nintendo DS I highly recommend trying it out, you can pick it up pretty cheap from Argos. So far I've had a lot of visitors and we have all helped one another with supplies, furniture and even Bells, ACNH has shown me just how much teamwork can achieve and my island reflects that. 

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