Ice Planet Barbarians | Book Review.

Monday 11 October 2021

Written by: Ruby Dixon
Genre: sci-fi, erotic

I'm sure by now we all know the buzz that surrounds Ice Planet Barbarians. The first book was released back in 2015 and thanks to tiktok its been the talk of the Internet. I'm a curious creature and needed to find out what all the fuss was about so I purchased the first ebook and ended up trying out the free subscription of kindle unlimited straight after. I wasn't sure what i was in for and I thought i was reading the wrong book at first; the book opens up with a young woman called Georgie being abducted by aliens, these aliens clearly only needed and wanted women and had spent a number of time looking for the right ones. When Georgie awoke on the spaceship and she's very taken back by what she sees, what do these strange creatures want and why do they only want women? Before I go any further there are some triggering things that take place within this book one of which is rape, it can be very hard and distressing to read so before you jump into reading this book please think about your mental health and whether or not it could be too much of a trigger for you.

We hear the book from Georgies point of view at first and get to listen in on her thoughts, fears and even her plans. Whilst stuck on the spaceship she forms friendships with other girls, some already used to what was happening and others like her trying to get to grips with what was going on. We learn very quickly that they are being transported far from earth and there is a very slim chance of ever seeing earth again, which was hard enough to grasp let alone being farmed and huddled on an alien ship to be sold off. I found this part of the book to be somewhat distressing and was unsure if I wanted to carry on, I was worried that the book would center around more triggering topics but made the choice to carry on and not jump the gun.

Luckily the whole book doesn't center around these green aliens, the ship eventually crashed landed on an ice planet which is where we discover the Ice Planet Barbarians. After Georgie goes to find help a blue giant named Vektal finds her and makes the choice then and there to make her his mate. The story splits into a dual narrative where we hear both Georgie and Vektal's point of views opening up the narrative for a more interesting and smutty story. Georgie is a very head strong girl and it takes a lot to let someone else be in charge, she knows she was meant to get help but now she had entered a strange relationship that sprang itself on her in the middle of nowhere.

Considering there is a big language barrier in the book both Georgie and Vektal are able to get their messages across to one another really well, most of what takes place is tensions surrounding their need to have sex. I zoomed through the pages wanting to find out if Georgie ever gets help for the girls who were stranded but in turn came to find drawn in on how sexually driven these blue monsters are. It's clear that they need to mate, they need to up their dwindling numbers and this human has turned up at the right time, Vektal needs to make sure that Georgie is his and in order to do this she needs a parasite put inside of her so that both of them could see if their parasites choose one another.

This is all sounding pretty ridiculous to a lot of people right now but trust me when I say that this book is suppose to not only have shock tactics but random erotic goings on to keep the reader hooked. There is an issue early on in this first book when it came to consent, some would argue that by Georgie not stopping Vektal's sexual encounters with her and not saying stop was fine especially when he is a blue alien and his culture is different from our planet, personally for me that the first sexual encounter they had wasn't ok especially when Georgie wasn't even awake. 

I felt that a lot of the triggering stuff within the book could have been removed but as I said shock tactics were used, towards the end of the book Georgie had lost a lot of her stubbornness and her character has got lost in wanting to make her blue giant happy but whilst both her and Vektal were getting to know one another I thoroughly enjoyed the build up and the her determination to get him to listen to her. The open ending it left for us to explore the girls from the ship was another element that I was looking forward to, it can get boring very quickly when a love story focuses on two characters that have merged into one person. The reason why I gave the book 3 stars was based on the sexual scenes/tension that were consensual in the book, I won't lie they were written in an intriguing way that made me as a reader want more, I never realised I would enjoy blue giant smut.

The series has a lot of mixed reviews, it's not everyone's cup of tea and feels too outlandish for some, we need to remember this is a sci-fi novel so it's going to be weird. I'm unsure if I want to read all of the books in the series as I'm worried I will get bored quickly, there is only so many ways you can read about an blue giant romance with a human although I have been immersed in the first 3 so far which follow the gang on settling in on a cold new life on this strange planet. The books are pretty short so you can get through each book in the series in no time, I tried to keep this as general as I could because saying too much will give most of the story away, if you're an erotic fan it this may be something that will captivate you.


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