Sunshine Days (Early Access) | First Impressions.

Wednesday 25 August 2021

Facebook can often show me the best of things or the worst of things on this occasion it helped me discover a gaming mobile app that was right up my street. I haven't been having the greatest time lately and have been poorly so wanted a mobile game to play whilst I lay around complaining so Sunshine Days was perfect for this, I speak a lot about cozy games and this was no exception, the premise for the game is a lot like Animal Crossing and is one of them games that you play daily once you run out of objectives or quests to do. Since first playing the game has been updated, they have added new quests and new people to the game, moved old ones around whilst also keeping the game interesting. 

The developers (Netspeak Games) have managed to add a lot in the game whilst feeding us gradually with quests along the way, not only is Sunshine Days an adventure game but it's also an online multiplayer game to play with old and new friends, you can add others thanks to the friend code option or just discover new people and add them in game by going to their letterbox. Use emojis to communicate with other players or the in game keyboard to type, you can find players that are near with the click of a button but parents please if your children are playing this game make sure you monitor them because you never know who they could be chatting to online.  

Customise your character however you like, there are a wide range of skin colours making the game very diverse and allowing players to play as their own skin colour, why is this important? Often people feel cut off from the gaming world due to representation so allowing players to have this option shows that they can play as themselves in the gaming world if they choose too! My only gripe with creating a character is that they don't allow us to use our own names, I guess in a way this helps cut back on people trying to troll or use naughty words especially because children will be playing the game so it's something I can deal with. For those who are worried about not being able to change the look of their character once they have created it, you will be able to customise them in game with the help of the wardrobe in your home.

Once you move into Sunshine Mountains you meet the mayor Sylvie who needs your help to get the community up and running, there are a number of residents to meet along the way, some will give you quests and some will just introduce themselves to you at first, they're pretty adorable and all serve a purpose when it comes to the community no matter how little they are. Parts of the map will slowly become more available to players, the last part is currently still locked until the next update but it will be interesting to see what they add there and what new residents reside there. 

You have your own home and garden to grow plants and vegetables, you can sell them or grow them for quests given to you by other residents. Saving up money is important as this allows you to not only buy furniture and supplies for your home but it also allows you to buy supplies to craft with. I forage a lot when I play the game just so I can sell off what i've found and make a nice little profit and my backpack seems to have a lot of room for everything I collect. Fishing is also another important element in game, it's pretty simplistic and the easiest way to fish in a game, I do however wish it allowed me to fish over and over again without getting removed from the fishing screen once I've caught one fish, I would rather have the option to leave the screen myself.

With the use of your scrapbook (which more will be added to eventually) you are given separate tasks from the map quests which are more personal to you as a new member of the community, some of these will include catching specific fish, performing certain tasks on your first day at Sunshine Mountain which encourage players to explore a bit more. There is an element of paying for premium in game, this is for the seasons that take place and it allows you to unlock more loot, this costs $6.99 I personally don't feel the need to get it right now, I'm still trying to make my way around everything so it's not needed  the game is providing me with so much to keep me going for now, I may eventually get it though. - I just need to add since writing this i discovered premium is free right now as the game is still in early development. 

I love the added touch of giving the residents their own social feed, it makes the community feel a lot closer especially because you can like their posts too! Fast travel is possible but it will cost you in travel tickets which can be purchased from the travel market, I prefer to walk around and talk to anyone I may have missed but that can be a drag sometimes so they have a device you can use free of charge that allows you to hop around to wherever you choose to go. I don't want to give away everything in game as there is a lot to do, the developers have worked hard at keeping players happy and creating a game that is fun for all ages. I'm really enjoying winding down and playing this game and I also love the added bonus of the frogs which make me think is my belly making that noise or is it the frog!

If you want to check out Sunshine Days the app is available for free in the Google store & Apple store and can be played on android, iphones as well as PC, keep up to day with them on their Twitter HERE.


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