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Tuesday 18 May 2021


You're probably bored with these kind of posts by now but I had put this together before LudoCarraCon came along and wanted to post it before the games were released, I'm always on the lookout for games that are chill to play and I have been sent and tagged in a lot of these by my friend Krista, we are terrible enablers when it comes to video games and end up tagging each other in exactly the kind of games we both know we will love, the ones I have listed are all different from each other and have their own unique art and plots/activities to go with them, have a little gander below:

I have been waiting ages for this game, I'm not complaining one bit but I can't wait to see it in all its glory, you can easily compare Witchbrook to Stardew Valley, this isn't a bad thing because it's one of the best games I have ever played and I still have a review that I need to write up about it. The difference is you are a witch finding your way in the world, learning new spells and developing new abilities, you will get to meet new people and form friendships, fish and grow crops, from what I read there will be magic involved in crop growing. Not much has been released about Witchbrook yet but I have heard and seen enough to know that I will be purchasing it as soon as it comes out! If you want to keep up to date with the happenings with witchbrook check out the Indie developer Chucklefish site HERE. Release date: TBA, Platforms: PC.

Bear and Breakfast is very cleverly worded, not only is it about a bear and breakfast but you work as a B&B (bed and breakfast) it's your job as the bear to get things running, you play as a bear called Hank who came across an abandoned shack which you decide to turn into a B&B, they saw an opportunity to make money and they took it. The game has a much wider plot than this which finds Hank finding out more about the where his B&B is situated. Take a chance to explore your environment and head into the woods, meet new people and uncover the mysteries that lie inside of it, complete quests and invite quests to stay in the B&B, choose how you want to run it. Release date: Some time this year 2021, Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows.

This one is for the zombie lovers, Wanderlost (great name) throws you into the wilderness pushing you to survive, the environment is hostile with not just wildlife but also zombies, each new save you make takes you to a unique world which gives players their own experience to play through. You must farm, fish, craft etc in order to survive, the main things to do first will be to find food, water and shelter, keeping yourself safe during such a scary time is important. There is a combat mode where you craft your own weapons to fight against enemies, make your way out into the wilderness to collect what you can but do so at your own risk, developer Eli Segal states that this game wouldn't be recommended to all ages due to its mature content. Release date: TBA, Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS.

Another witch themed game I couldn't help but mention is Little Witch in the Woods, you play as a witch called Ellie who is currently an apprentice, explore, make friends, there is a story to follow where Ellie eventually completes her apprenticeship and use the spells she learnt from witch school to help residents. If you come across a cat you can form an inseparable bond and they will love you forever, that alone makes me want to play it more than anything. Whilst completing your apprenticeship you live in a witch house which have been build in different appears, apprentice witches are sent here to help nearby villages and villagers, once you complete your apprenticeship you can then become what's called a formal witch. Release date: TBA, Platform Windows, Mac, Nintendo Switch (planned).

When I first saw what this game was about I couldn't help but laugh, Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion allows you to play as a turnip who is a boy committing tax evasion, he is a pain in everyones bum and had recently been evicted from his home. It's your task as Turnip Boy to pay back the debt you owe back to the Mayor Onion, but in order to do this you must solve puzzles and fight against the corrupt vegetable garden. Yes, this is as funny and adorable as it sounds, I'm not sure how this idea even come about but the developers Snoozy Kazoo sure do have a great imagination, there are multiple endings to get so play as much as you want to see what outcome you get! Turnip Boy was released on the 22nd of April on Steam and Nintendo Switch, Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, Macintosh operating systems.

This one is for my Sims lovers, many of you have been waiting for the game Paralives to be released and all we have been given these past few years are snippets which is just enough for me to gage whether or not it will be my cup of tea, the answer is yes, I will happily play it when it's released. Much like the Sims you build your life, make your characters, live and die how you choose, some may say it's a rip off of the sims but me personally I can see a lot of potential. I feel we may have an even longer wait for Paralives to be released as it's counting on the support of the community it's build, I'm excited to see what it has to offer. Release date: TBA, Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS.

Next up is Hokko Life, it reminds me a lot of Harvest Moon due to the art style and has a very similar premises to Animal Crossing, this may be for those who are a little bored of ACNH and want to experience life in a new town, the biggest difference is you need to turn a village into a bustling town where people want to come. You're able to decorate homes and build them however you choose making it as unique as possible for you, craft, fish, design your way to making your gameplay as interesting as possible for you as you can all whilst meeting residents who are a range of different animals. Release date: June 2nd, Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

I own this game already on Nintendo Switch and find it to be every person's dream cat world, although it can be a little laggy at times Calico is an immersive world where you own a cat cafe, to grow your cafe you must complete tasks, some of which open up the world for you. Not only does is it filled with cats but there are other adorable animals to help and collect along the way, you can also add them to your cafe to make it all the more appealing, collect furniture to kit out the cafe. Play the cooking mini game to make treats for people visiting the cafe, use spells and find new people to befriend, the exploration world gives you a lot of new sights to see, you can even enlarge your cat to ride on and get to destinations faster. Release date: December 15th 2020, Platform: PC (Steam, DRM-free) Mac (DRM-Free) Xbox One Nintendo Switch PlayStation 4.

Want to play a game as an adorable little chick named Flint? I thought so! Haven Park will be right up your street, Flint has undertook the task to keep his grandma's park running, it's not an easy task for one soul but he is doing his best to make it a place where campers will love to go. Find out what the campers want and build it for them to entice them in wanting to stay, meet new campers and learn new skills on this peaceful little world. You will get to learn stories about the forest and the world you live in as well as using a tractor, who doesn't want to see an adorable little chick using a tractor? Release date: August 5th 2021, Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS.

Last but not least is Moonglow Bay, I have been following the tweets for this game for a few months now and I NEED it, the game is set along the Eastern Canadian coastline in the 80's, you're a rookie angler who faced losing their partner and is now struggling to fulfil their final wish which was to keep the business alot, facing bankruptcy and struggling you try to make the most of things. But all whilst going through this you experience mythical monsters and uncover the secrets of Moonglow Bay. You can document over 100 varied aquatic species whilst on your boat, play solo or co-op (big thumbs up for me) and experience the coast life alone or with a friend. Release date: 2021, Platforms: Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X and Series S.

I hope you enjoyed the list of games I have put together, I had great fun choosing which ones I wanted to feature and would love to know which games stand out to you! If you fancy any cozy game recommendations check out LeekPlays post about her favourite cozy games.


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