Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Review.

Wednesday 9 December 2020


Publisher: Developer Digital
Developer: Media Tonic
PS4 Review

I waited it out before I wrote this as the game review scene was full of so many great first impressions of the game and I wanted to post it after Fall Guys had been out a while instead, let me tell you how much fun I have had playing this game along with the rage that follows when I fail at it. It's the kind of game that pushes your determination and wants to see you succeed as much as you wish you would, as frustrating as it gets at times it's a must play! I heard about Fall Guys from over at Leeksplays was the one who actually urged me to try it out because she knows me so well and knows the kind of games I love to play I thought why not I have nothing to lose (except the game SO many times) as soon as I started playing my partner wondered in the room and asked to have a go and that's when it started, we was in competition with one another who could get the furthest, we would take it in turns using my controller one after the other. 

To start off with the character you play as looks like jelly bean except it has arms legs and facial features and you can dress it up by earning points and levelling up. The faster you level up the more ridiculous stuff you can get, it can take a while to do this as it's a grind at times unless you're pretty good at getting through each level unlike myself who fails so bad at qualifying. You're given a certain amount of time to qualify in and there is only room for a certain number of people, I would slowly start giving up once I saw the number count for those qualifying go up but it would make me all the more determined to try harder the next time. 

Due to a new seasons starting my level was reset

Instead of playing alone you can invite players, I never tried this option and just stuck to me and James taking it into turns with the controller it seemed a lot more fun that way it also showed what our strengths and weaknesses were in the game and we would show off over it. I'm the type of player who tends to take my time but Fall Guys isn't a game for that, you snooze you lose basically, on the outside it looks adorable but I assure you it can cause more rage than first anticipated. With it being a battle royale game at times you will find the odds are not in your favour and you will try anything to push past others even if that means dragging them away from your path.

The first round starts off with 60 players and it's a chaotic mess of people rushing in as fast as they can to get to the finish line, there is one course that drives me up the wall because players don't seem to understand how a see saw actually works making it harder for you to get through that obstacle course, I have never been able to reach the last obstacle course and nor has James, not sure if thats down to us being rubbish or the fact that we still aren't used to the controls but what I do know is it pushes you to want to keep trying over and over again. 

Since a new season has started and my level has now been reset and there are 29 courses you can play through all under 4 different categories: Race, Survival, Team and Final, out of all these I prefer to try working as a team on the tail tag course, it's hilarious watching everyone running around grabbing each others tails, the team with the least tails ends up losing so watching the panic breakout to try and keep hold of one just goes to show how competitive Fall Guys can get. Another course I enjoy is perfect match, it tests your memory and it's basically like playing snap (card game) at times, unfortunately some players will try and push you off the platforms just so they have a better chance at winning.

Fall Guys can be played by so many different ages, I know some are skeptical about it as a whole because it is a battle royale game but don't let this deter you, the games simple controls make it easy to follow and there are more players who just want to have fun than loads who want to ruin it by cheating, yes I said cheating. When I first played it seemed that a lot of people were hacking but the devs were clever about this, instead of banning users straight away they had their own built in cheat detecting system that would collect data, this meant being 100% sure that these people playing were cheaters and they weren't just banning anyone. They used a separate matchmaking server just for cheaters but never gave this away, cheaters on this server would report that the game was broken as they would be falling forever but they were just on cheater island due to their own selfishness.

By doing this I think the devs really thought ahead, they don't want their game to be tainted and cheaters are the worst for doing this, before I knew about cheater island I would see so many tweets about people reporting cheaters and uploading videos of what they were doing, Personally, I don't see the point in cheating it just ruins the fun and takes away the joy of winning off your own back! It's easy to get carried away when playing FG, customising your character shows off your personality and even though it can be a grind to collect outfits you want you eventually find that it can be a breath of fresh air to play/grind through a BR game that doesn't take itself seriously. Fall Guys is definitely one of the games that brings players together, I think it has a long future ahead of it so long as they keep updating the obstacle courses and thinking outside of the box.


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