A New World | Outlander's Brianna.

Monday 2 December 2019

I'm a huge fan of Outlander, I have rewatched the seasons more times than I can remember but each time I do I enjoy it, even more, Outlander isn't to everyone's taste but for me, it's a show that is set in the perfect two era's based in Scotland. Outlander started life as a book and was soon adapted into a Tv series, I was very late to the party but as soon as I watched the first episode I was pretty much hooked. What drew me into the show the most was the amazing wardrobe and the storyline. Outlander is about a woman called Claire who goes on Scotland for her honeymoon and soon finds herself in another era in the same place she was stood out before traveling through stones thanks to a gemstone she had on her, I'm not sure if this is the same as in the book but it felt like stones and gems working together like that made the show magical.

Claire ends up having to marry a man named Jamie in order to protect her and the two soon fell in love and began their life together even though Claire still longed to go back through the stones to see her first husband again. She, unfortunately, met her first husband's relatives one was lovely the other not so much, he nearly destroyed both Claire and Jamie but they got through it which you can read about HERE. Claire ended up having to go back through the stones due to Jamie going into war, she was pregnant with his child, they both made the choice that she would go back to Jack and when she returned he wasn't happy she was pregnant at all!

They themselves had tried for a baby but nothing came out of it and now she returns with another man's baby in her belly which made it hard for him to believe her story about traveling through time. Claire decides to name the baby Brianna which kept with Jamie's family as his father's name was Brian, there is something so bittersweet about that especially when she was a beautiful red-headed baby that looked like Jamie. As the years went on Jack grew to love the baby, she only ever knew him so understandably she was very angry when she learned he wasn't her real father but she becomes a lot more understanding throughout the series.

The thought of being able to travel through stones always excited me because there was a possibility that Jamie could have traveled back to 1945 with Claire but from what I have read that it's not as simple as that and he would need the gene in order to do so and he can't hear the stones so wouldn't be able to go through even with a gemstone so when I realised this I was excited to see if Jamie and Claires daughter would ever go through the stones and she did!

I was curious about what Bree would look like as she got older and if she was more like Claire or Jamie or if she was like Jack but fortunately she had a little of all of them in her but she was most like Jamie. I’m not going to lie at times Claire would get on my nerves and the love scenes got a bit too much, I wanted to see more I wanted them to go down a different path where their story expanded more with their child which is exactly what happened. Now don't get me wrong I have enjoyed each season bit now Jamie and Claire are much older and have rekindled their love that missing piece (Bree) didn’t make sense to stay in 1945 with Roger, it would have been cool of all 3 of them travelled together through the stones instead of just Claire at the time then maybe roger wouldn't have got battered by Jamie for being mistaken for someone else. Although if this happened it might not have taken us on Bree's journey and how she grew as a person.

When she lived in 1945 she didn't feel as open and interesting as she did after she traveled through the stones and we got to see her and her mothers relationship turn into something beautiful as they came together after she admitted that a man had forced himself on her when she was staying in an inn before finally finding her father and Ian. She was so unsure over who the father of her child is and it must have been so hard to carry a child that may or may not be the man who forced himself on her, so much must have been running through her head and at that point I was thinking is Bree regretting coming through the stones now?

The whole reason she left was that she didn't want to commit to her partner Roger and instead she ran off to be with her family leaving and Roger eventually caught up but Bree still didn't want to be married, they had a heated argument which Ian witnessed after this Bree went with her father and Ian and left Roger back where he found her. Unfortunately, Bree's family reunion was short-lived due to Jamie and Ian realising the man they beat wasn't who forced himself on Bree but in fact it was Roger so Bree has no choice but to go stay with one of Jamie’s relative who wants to marry her off to hide that she is an unwed mother to be whilst we saw her parents making a journey to find Roger, I was always worried that they wouldn't make it back in time to save Bree from being married off, I knew Bree would probably put others off and put up a fight but she is still very vulnerable and dealing with trauma.

I often wondered if Bree would just hide how scared and worried she was in this unfamiliar land in order to get her through each day, personally I couldn't imagine having to go through childbirth without the reassurance of help being there if something goes wrong and even though her mother is a surgeon she was away when it was time for Bree to give birth, given that life expectancy in the 17th century wasn't great and infant and child mortality rates were high! Also poor Bree's mum lost her baby when she suffered a miscarriage, I think that episode got to me a lot because I suffered from a miscarriage and was really ill due to it, not as bad as Claire but it was very traumatising for me so watching Claire go through that really upset me and yes triggered me.

Bree dealt with giving birth like the stubborn trooper she is, they portrayed her likeness of Jamie's personality really well and in a way that would help the two be able to bond. It's clear by the end of season 4 all Bree cared about was getting Roger back and she ran towards him to greet him and he says take me to see my son (I only cried a little bit), the thought of losing him must have scared her so much and I would hate to be in her shoes having to deal with what she went through and what her own father did to the man she loves. I would like to see Outlander address Bree's trauma and perhaps help her with what she went through, they left in such a hurry to find Roger that Bree had no choice but to deal with what she went through alone.

In the next seasons I want to see more of Bree being a mother experiencing this different world and more character developement, hopefully that will happen in season 5 of Outlander. Bree is just as badass as her mother and I love when shows make women the main focus, women can, after all, be as strong as men! There will be 2 more seasons (5&6) of Outlander, we will be getting season 5 in February 2020 so it's not too far away now! 


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