Relaxing & Winding down After Gaming Sessions.

Monday 7 January 2019

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Believe it or not, gaming can become exhausting, yes it's just sitting around playing games but your body doesn't rest just because you're sat down, in fact, it can often lead to pins and needles and regular breaks. I know of a fair few people who will happily play games for hours on end without going to eat, rest and even use the toilet which isn't healthy, to say the least. I try my very best to make sure I have breaks otherwise I end up making myself ill just from sitting playing video games, but it's not just in between playing games we need to think about our health and how gaming for hours may affect it, it's also after stopping a gaming session. Winding down and letting your body recover is very important and something a lot of us don't do as often as we should, this isn't to be preachy but it's to make people aware that your health should always come before gaming.

Blue Light

We all get carried away with a game at some time or another, I often find myself playing games for longer than planned and I suffer for it my biggest issue is looking at a screen too long and as I have said in previous posts a way to help this is by using blue filter glasses, I'm forever talking about these because they're essential to everyday life if you spend time in front of blue light, looking at screens isn't natural for us only leads to having an effect on our health such as being able to sleep, if I don't use blue filter glasses whilst gaming or on the PC I usually find myself too bright and foggy eyed to sleep, so I suggest investing in some, the ones I use are Spektrum Prospek glasses.

No tech an hour before bed

This is one tip I always find hard to follow because I love catching up on my TV and get carried away when it comes to gaming, an hour before bed it's a good idea to stop watching TV, playing games and even looking at your phone screen this helps your brain wind down and focus on something other than a screen, sitting down with a book or having a nice catch up with your loved one for an hour or so before bed will help you sleep in some cases. I know FOMO is a big thing (fear of missing out) but trust me if it's important you would know about it, it's ok to switch off from social media earlier it's still going to be there when you wake up.

Too much caffeine is bad

Drinking caffeine to stay awake in order to play games do you know favours, yes it leaves you wired but I often find I feel groggy and irritated after consuming too much because I kept myself going by drinking caffeine. I know some people find it gross but drink water or water with a little dash of squash if you hate the taste, by doing this throughout the day you will feel more refreshed and start to depend on caffeine a lot less, you're going to feel much more energised to complete that raid with your friends too! Don't skip meals because you're playing games all day, you're going to make yourself feel sick and weak, food gives you energy and if you want to carry on gaming get up and go make yourself food or even make a plan the day before and cook/make it so you don't have to spend ages waiting for food.

Move around 

Get up and move around, sitting down for long periods of time can do more damage than you think, there is an exception to this such as if you're a wheelchair user unable to do it or unable to move from your bed but circulation is and always be one of the most important things when it comes to playing games, moving around every 30 minutes or so you're less at risk from developing thrombosis which can lead to you developing a blood clot, this has happened to a few gamers before and it's in no way to scare people just to make you aware of the risks. You may be thinking how will this help me wind down after gaming? Well, it's simple it's good for your health!

Time management

Set yourself a timer, this is something I have had to do before, I got a little addicted to Ni No Kuni 2 and would stay on it rather than come off it and deal with any other tasks I had to do or go to bed at the time I usually would, timers not only help you have breaks but they give you a routine which can be good when you spend large amounts of time doing one task when you should be doing another, time management can be a daunting task anyways so by simplifying things and using timers you won't feel so overwhelmed.

Back Support

Sit in a comfortable chair, it took me and James a while to get the chairs we wanted but once they were here they made a world of difference, no one wants a bad back and because a lot of time spent gaming is spent bent forward and slouched due to not having the right chair it's important to get the right support for your back, trust me after a long gaming session you will be all the more thankful that you had the right chair.

I don't want people to think this post is about me being preachy because it's not, as someone who can't walk far due to their condition I get pains in my legs due to not being able to move around as much as I can and others have the option to be able to do this, gaming isn't in any way worth risking your health, it's fun yes and you get to play and speak to friends so why wouldn't you want to spend as much time as you could connecting with them? Just by making small changes in your life you're helping your health more than anything, if you were at work they would give you a break to help give you a short rest although some places give the shortest breaks ever, having a break something your body has a right to, it can even help your moods!

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