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Thursday 25 January 2018

Are you a PC gamer looking for a new game to try out? Why not give Batch 17 a play. The beta release has come and gone but don't disappear it will be released soon, I'm not a huge fan of PvP but what I can say it comes with both a story campaign and multiplayer and I really would like to give the story a go. Batch 17 is about an unnamed cloned soldier who wakes to see a fight against the organization who runs the mining colony that the solider is meant to protect. The soldier was born without the ability to speak but has memories of their previous life. The quest the solider takes on leads them to the resistance who are the ones fighting back against the organization, they end up coming across a shadowy leader who had a big interest in them and has to fight their way through a variety of levels and environments to find out who they really are and what the significance of the 17th batch of clones is (that's where it gets the name Batch 17).

Main Features:
  • Instancing
  • Levelling Up
  • PvP Invasion
  • Player Builds
  • End Game

The game isn't a standard multiplayer PvsP game, it incorporates ideas from other multiplayer games and merges them into one which is a cool concept because of how similar some games are these days it kind of gives it a unique edge even if it uses others ideas. The game uses Instances in the full game, your character stays the same within the game even if you play in a different Instance. For those who aren't sure what an instance is it's basically a place that only you and your team play in, this place would be the world and the instance is the dimension the world is in. By using these instances the game will allow you to flag individual Instances as either PvE (player vs enemies) COOP or PVP invasion (player vs player). In order to complete the game, you will need to do it through the PvP invasion mode.

There is a lot more to this game than I have written here, it looks very promising and from the screenshots and streams I've seen, it will be a game a lot of people will enjoy playing, the game will be playable on Windows, Mac OS X and SteamOs + Linux. From the screenshots and gameplay, I have seen the game It's pretty neat, the environment stands out and it looks like a pretty big world to play on, it kind of reminds me of the first Halo and has the old school shooter elements which I know my boyfriend would love.

Check out the gameplay trailer here:

There is a bit of a delay in when it will be released which Batch 17 stated on Twitter but I'm sure it will be a hit

If you want to know more and keep up to date with new announcements click HERE.

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