My First Thoughts | Destiny 2 Beta

Tuesday 25 July 2017

Tuesday morning I was eagerly waiting for 6pm to roll around, the destiny 2 beta servers would open at that time and I could get my game on. I was both excited and nervous as the first Destiny beta was a bit of a disaster, the servers just couldn't handle a number of players trying to play and I would either get kicked or I couldn't connect, it was so frustrating and left me in two minds about getting a PS4 (I played the beta on someone else's PS4 at the time). Then came September 2014, I couldn't help but buy into the hype so I went out and my ps4 bundle which included Destiny, it was one of the best choices I had ever made because it helped me find a lot of new people some of which are still in my life.

I turned my PS4 on to start the beta and saw It had another update, it was taking ages to load and James realised I hadn't updated my ps4 yet so we did that update and then the beta download downloaded much faster. When I started it up I was prepared for the game to take a while to let me play but it went really smoothly. I chose my guardian which is a female hunter, I think the hunters on the beta are all female, then I was instantly thrown into a story mission, just that small snippet gave me a good idea of how different the game play felt. I was so happy to discover that jumping felt smoother and easier, if you know me, I am the worlds worst jumper in Destiny. I use to shout and get so angry because I was just that shit at jumping, so that was a big thumbs up for me. I found it difficult getting used to the aim on the guns but it didn't take me long to get used to it, they feel much more powerful but the reload seems much the same, I don't know if anyone feels like it is or if I haven't played it long enough to see a change. Within the new strike (only one was included in the beta), I discovered recently that there is a secret public event which many people are still trying to work out and see how to unlock the rewards, I haven't read up on whether or not they have yet because I want to find out for myself, if you do want to try out the secret public event check out this video HERE.

I really love the layout, it seems a lot simpler and easy to navigate, I know it's going to change up once we get the proper game but for now, it seems simplistic. Being in orbit looks a lot different and as I said before it is stripped back so it's going to look different once the game is released in September. I found using the guns a lot better there is more recoil, my aim is as bad as ever I think it is because I haven't played Destiny in a few months so I had to get used to the aim on it, playing Horizon Zero Dawn for months is to blame. My favourite gun to use in the game so far was my exotic sunshot, I liked the explosive rounds it has and that it highlights targets, I didn't feel like my hunter subclass was all that great, to be honest, I had to get used to controlling it and kept dodge rolling around more than anything once I used my super so I didn't kill that many enemies (yes I'm a bit of a n00b), I will be trying out both Warlock and Titan to see if I like them better, Hunter was always my go to Guardian in Destiny, maybe it's time to switch it up a bit but also have all 3 guardians classes leveled up just in case. 

The other day, the farm was open for just 1 hour I explored it as much as I could before getting back to the movie I was watching with James, It seemed pretty fun I liked the way it was laid out and that there was a little football pitch to play football on. The views are beautiful but it would be cool if I could go a little further than the fence instead of being told to turn back. My favourite thing about the Destiny 2 beta so far was the strike, I'm not too fond of crucible because I'm so crap at it but I do like that it's been changed to 4v4 and there is a new crucible game called countdown, this is where one team has to set a bomb at 1/2 sites whilst the other team is given the chance to try and stop them and defuse a bomb if the other team is successful in planting it. My favourite crucible will always be control, I find it the best one for me even if I don't play it much so I'm glad it's still included in Destiny 2

The thing I liked least was the change in the weapon slot, I liked how it originally was but saying that I may get used to how it is now, do you all like the change in weapon slots? Do you think they should have added a new guardian class so that there were 4 different ones to play as? I'm defiantly not cancelling my pre-order, I think Destiny 2 has a lot more to offer and to come but because the beta was so stripped back we were only given a small taste of things.

Elle May


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