The Star Name Registry*

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

*Disclaimer: I was sent this product for free and to hold a giveaway through the said company, for more information on my disclaimer, please read the contact & disclaimer.

I love space, in school it would fascinate me at how big the universe truly was. One thing that always interested me was the fact that the sun was actually a star, stars a made up of big balls of as that take millions of years to shine down on earth and by the time we actually see them they could have burnt out and died, I love the whole idea of naming a star I know it gives a lot of people a piece of mind to see a star sparkling in the sky, when I was little my mum would tell me that it was a lost relative looking down on me (I know sounds like the Lion King) so I've always loved that notion. The idea to give someone a star named after them or something they loved has always been something I wanted to do either for myself or a loved one, I was actually given the chance to name my own star thanks to the Star name registry, at first I didn't know what to name it I thought long and hard about what my mum told me when I was younger and settled on the name Noah. This name means a lot to me, I was going to name my first child this but unfortunately, I was never able to, I always thought of the babies I don't have with me as my little stars and decided to name my star Noah, my little star in the sky. Some people may find that morbid but I find comfort it in, it makes me smile, especially when it's so close to Mother's Day, that's why I think naming a star would be a wonderful Mother's day gift. If you put an order in for one right now it will be with you or your loved one by Mother's Day, your star name will be registered within 24 hours of your order then take 1-3 working days to be delivered within the UK. My star is in the boundaries or the Ursa Minor constellation, it is also known as the Little Bear within the Northern Sky, Little Bear's tail can also be mistaken for a ladle and that's why it also has a North American name, The Little Dipper.

Star name registry are the UK no1 online start registry, the great thing about them is that stars will never be named twice so you will have a star that that is unique to you, once you receive your star certificate there will be something called The Sky Star Atlas included, this atlas shows you where your star is located if you have chosen a constellation, I love that you're able to pinpoint where your star is located it makes me smile because I love looking up at the sky at night on a starry night seeing all those twinkling stars. The stars which you're able to choose will be ones visible from the UK. There are a number of different star choices to choose from, I was sent the extra bright star package which included for £44.99:
  • Entry into the registry.
  • A4 Star Name Deed.
  • The Sky Atlas star maps.
  • Confirmation letter.
  • A4 silver certificate frame.
  • Surrounded by light blue tissue paper
  • Large silver presentation box
  • Extra Bright Star gift explained.

They also added two wooden roses inside of my package which my cat already loves and wants for herself, When ordering your package you will be asked the name of your chosen star, the constellation you want (this costs £9.99 to add on), a memorable date, personal message, whether or not you want wooden roses included (they cost extra) and how many copies of the deed you want. If you're looking for a star that's a big more affordable they do have other packages for under £30 which are the extra bright star and the standard star, both of these come in a brown envelope without a frame. You will be able to keep the name of your star registered forever and any record of the star (deed) is held securely and backed up accordingly, Star name registry will replace your star deed if you ever need a replacement, you would just need to contact them for more info. For those of you who would love to name your own star me and the Star name registry are working together on this blog post to give you a chance to win your very own name your star, this prize won't be framed it will be just the certificate and The Sky Atlas star map (RRP of £34.98).

Elle May