Stranger Things!

Monday 5 September 2016

I drew this, so don't steal it!

Jumping on the bandwagon is something I hate doing, but sometimes I end up doing it because I'm bored and want to see what all the fuss is about. These past few weeks all I had been hearing about was a show called stranger Things, I had a few people telling me how great and creepy it was and I didn't believe them as things get so hyped up that they end up being disappointing. I was so wrong about this show, I put my hands up and say it's one of the best shows I've watched in a while. I asked James if he wanted to watch it with me, we put it on not expecting much from it, we were pleasantly surprised with the theme song and how retro it was, along with the opening title. Stranger things is set in small town in Indiana (Hawkins) in 1983, Some strange things have started to happen, a young girl (Eleven) with a shaved head has suddenly appeared but she refuses help as some bad people are after her, this girl is very important to tell whole story line. Then there is a young boy (Will Myers) that's gone missing, no one knows where he is or how to find him but his mum has found a way to communicate with him through lights. It is an homage to both 80's music and 80s movie genre. 

The show got right into things, it was dark and had a mysterious atmosphere about it, within watching the first episode I was hooked. My reason for being hooked? The camera work, The angles, and the setting was spot on, it was as 80s as you could get, I liked that it wasn't a vibrant kind of 80s show but it was more on the dark side, which would be obvious as it's a sci-fi/thriller, but the thing is most 80s kind of sci-fi/thrillers end up being cheesy and not worth watching, however Stranger Things wasn't like that at all, it kind of reminded me of the lovely bones setting (I loved the movie and book). It made me feel so nostalgic, even if I was born in 1988, the 80s have very much been a big part of my life growing up so I was taken back to my younger years. 

I couldn't put my finger on what Stranger Things reminded me of and James helped me realise it was very similar to The Poltergeist, when Carol Anne is trapped in another dimension just like Will Myers is in Stranger Things except he is trapped in what seems like a mirrored world, you could say that it might have been based off The Poltergeist which was released in 1982. Stranger Things makes for a great Halloween watch, it has a lot of scares some of which made me jump (that is rare for me) the show felt more like I was watching a really long movie rather than a series which I liked a lot. The Duffer Buffers did a brilliant job in writing and directing this show, I'm yet to watch their movies Hidden (2015) and All Fall Down (2005) which the wrote and directed. I'm very much looking forward to seeing what's in store in Season 2, I didn't want to put any spoilers into this post because I know a lot of people are trying not to binge watch it like I did, but seriously give this show a watch! 

Stranger Things is available to watch on Netflix now.

Elle May x


  1. I've yet to watch Stranger Things...probably because of the whole bandwagon thing. 😜 It may also be due to the fact that I can only concentrate on one show at a time, properly, and I'm currently watching Quantum Leap. Maybe I'll be able to start watching it around Halloween...I need to figure out something to watch during that time period, as typical horror movies don't scare me.


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