You're worthy despite not being nominated for a blog award.

Tuesday 12 July 2016

August is just around the corner, that means you have around a month now to get your entries in for the Bloggers Blog Awards. For those of you who aren't sure what this is, the Bloggers blog awards was created by Hayley from Tea Party Beauty, she set it up for the blogging community to celebrate bloggers. The way it works is all candidates will be chosen by bloggers or blog readers, then once the closing date has ended the people with most entries will be shortlisted then a panel of randomly picked bloggers will score, along with voting numbers to pick a winner from each category. The closing date for votes is August 14th 11.59pm (GMT) so remember there is still plenty of time for someone to nominate you. 

I personally think the Bloggers Blog Awards are great, something for people to feel proud of even of they didn't win! But what I've noticed is a few of the blogging community are down because they don't feel good enough as they weren't nominated. I feel for them, I personally don't care if I'm nominated or not because blogging isn't as important to me as it is for others. If you do see someone upset about not being nominated, don't give them a hard time try and understand that being nominated would mean the world to them, not because they want popularity but because they've worked so hard on their content and put a lot of time and effort into the blog as a whole. I wanted to write this post to let those who are upset and feel they're not good enough know that, that isn't the case;

Just because you wasn't nominated doesn't mean your blog is rubbish - The blogging community has grown since I started blogging over 5 years ago now, there are so many bloggers to choose from that it can be a really tough choice.

Don't feel like giving up - Carry on doing what you love doing, you never know you could get nominated in the near future and even if you don't you can be proud of what you've achieved anyways.

Your followers still like you - Even if they didn't vote for you that doesn't mean they don't like your blog or you in general, I myself was stuck for choice when it came to voting.

Don't take it personally- When I first started blogging I was crap, to be honest, I still think I am, I was convinced other people thought in was crap yet my followers grew. I've never been nominated even though I have a nice amount of followers and blogging friends (and it's not because I'm crap), but I don't mind, it's not a personal dig at me.

Don't shy away - If you need a break take one, but don't feel you have to because you weren't nominated. I wholeheartedly understand how upsetting it can make you feel but you're still a valued member of the blogging community so don't be afraid to still give your input.

We all start off someone where, I never thought I would end up with as many followers as I have, or blogging friends. I've been given lots of opportunities to blog about PR samples and I even went to my first blogging event a year ago. I may not ever get an award or be nominated but I'm proud of myself for sticking to blogging even after all the breaks I've had. Be proud of what you've achieved, be proud of yourself. 

If you wish to take part and vote in the Bloggers blog awards click HERE
Good luck to everyone who has been nominated!
Elle May x


  1. Great Idea to remind people of this <3
    I think we all get so worried around this time of year and for no reason really. If you love what you are doing who cares about the awards right?!


    Leonie |

    1. Exactly, you don't need an award to say you're good enough not when you know how dedicated you're to your own blog xx

  2. Awh just by this post I can see your a really caring person it's really sweet. And what you are saying is soooo true ! I'm so new to blogging I started two days before Christmas then I had like a three month gap due to 3rd year at uni ! As for the blogging awards I don't expect to be nomination nor am I gutted about this ! Just because I'm new and I worked out all this blogging stuff myself I made my own logo I got my followers off my own back and for me I'm so proud of my little blog! As so should other people !! Everybody's blog is individual and we are all amazing !!

    Love Nat xx


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