Monday 10 August 2015

This is a subject I try to stay away from a lot of the time, as I end up in tears or an emotional wreck whilst talking about it, but I thought that writing about it would be easier than words coming out of my mouth. Grief isn't something that just one person can experience, everyone around the world deals with grief on a daily basis, some can get on with their daily lives whilst dealing with it but others can't function at all. Some people don't understand what grief is or what kinds of grief there are, so here is my little explanation of what grief is; Grief is a very strong and overwhelming emotion which some people are unable to process and deal with (I'm one of those people), It can stem from grieving a loved person who has left you to someone who is dying or has died. It can make you feel numb, alone or even unable to care for yourself and being able to function in daily life. Some people end up grieving after losing their job, it's a natural reaction to something that has impacted them in a bad way. Grief is not something you can get over, you can't give yourself a certain amount of time in which you will try to get over a loss, you have to learn to live with it and people can go their whole lives unable to deal with the pain and emotions, some even passing away from a broken heart (yes that's possible) because the pain is too much. 

I've had my fair share of grief in my life and one of the biggest impacts on my life was when my grandad passed away, I can remember exactly what my sisters and I were doing that day when my parents walked through the front door to tell us that he had passed away. First of all it felt like it wasn't real or wasn't true, but a few minutes later it hit me and I realised I had lost one of the most important people in my life. I was a teenager when my grandad passed and even though I was growing up he was always the person I was most excited to go and see, I wasn't interested in boys I just loved going to sit down in the living room with him and watch his war movies or detective programmes. For ages after he had passed I would forget that he wasn't with us no more and go and sit in my nan's living room thinking he was in there but then I would quickly realise he wasn't and my heart would sink. I miss him every single day of my life, the hurt and upset doesn't go away it's not something you can get over, it's something I have to learn to live with.

My grandad and me

Now I'm trying to deal with grieving for yet another baby that I wasn't able to carry on carrying in my womb, I'm not dealing with it very well I know I did a post a little while ago about what happened but my feelings have slowly started to build up because it's getting closer and closer to the day I may of given birth. A completely new and exciting life for me and James that just isn't going to happen and I'm trying my best to deal with that, I wanted to fill the pages with photos and lot's of memories of the baby book James got me...

I'm going to keep the book, it's too lovely to get rid of.

Instead of dealing with things by talking to people, I have been keeping my feelings to myself and letting everything build up more and more which is making me a pain in the butt (to put it bluntly) I don't want the way I'm feeling to effect my relationship with other people. I was able to let it all out to James over the weekend which has helped lift the heavy black cloud over my head, he reassures me that things will be better in time and I know that he is right but the reassurance only helps for a little while, so I'm just taking one day at a time and finding one good thing about my day that makes me smile. If you're struggling with grief and finding it hard to talk to people you know there is a site/app called 7 cups of tea , they are an emotional health and well being team who you can talk to anonymously about your problems in a one on one chat. There is a listener can connect to or you can browse listeners who you would like to talk to, you can even apply to become a listener and help others, I have used the service on a number of occasions most of them occasions are when people have gone to bed and I'm left alone with my thoughts, I highly recommend them to anyone who is dealing with any form of MH or grieving. 


  1. So sorry for your loss, I know words cannot easily describe how you feel and no words can easily mend your pain. xxxx

    1. Thank you lovely, I feel a bit selfish because I had to terminate and didn't miscarry like I did the first time but as I was told any loss is a loss and it deserves to be grieved xx


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