Mr Nut case phone cover!!

Saturday 1 March 2014

I was first told about Mr Nut Case by the lovely Jess who had ordered a customised phone case from them. I decided what the hell I will get one too and I also decided to her a customised case rather than one they already have on their site, the cost of the phone case is £14.99 which is pretty reasonable considering you will have a phone case with your own pictures on! The great thing about Mr nut case is that he also does cases for tablets too at reasonable prices. I have an iPhone 4S and I'm forever buying cases for it, but ones that don't have my own design on them, If you like them on fb you will get a free screen protector with your phone case order.

I ordered this on Tuesday the 19th of February and it came the day after, I was very surprised with how quick it arrived but a good surprise! I decided instead of choosing a design they had on their site I would use the picture the lovely Carly drew for my Garlands site instead, it's quirky and cute and it has an alpaca on wearing a flower garland how can you not love that?  The quality of the case is fantastic and I hate to say this but I have dropped my phone recently with this phone case on and both the phone and the phone case survived, there wasn't a scratch on my phone case at all. The sides of my case are see through and then I put my torch on the light shines through the sides making it look pretty cool.


  1. I ordered mine on the weekend so delivery wasn't so fast.But I love my case and thanks for mentioning me :P ;) <3

    1. Haha i realised how many times i have mentioned you in posts, it's all good tho xx

  2. Aaw! That is really cute hehe. Alpacas! xxx

  3. forever in love with your art Carly <3 xxx


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