Elle May

Monday, 8 August 2016

Harley Quinn and The Joker are not relationship goals.

I want to start this off by saying that I all the opinions I express in this post are my own, I'm not trying to point fingers I'm just expressing an opinion. Now we have that out of the way I want to address something that I've seen growing all over social media that has made me feel a little uncomfortable and that is Harley Quinn and the joker being "goals". The word goals is something I've started to hate, the fact that people strive to have a relationship like certain couples is worrying. I would never want the same kind of relationship as another couple due to the simple fact that each relationship ship has their ups and downs and are unique to that couple. No one truly knows what happens behind closed doors. Good thing for us the world knows exactly what kind of relationship Harley and the joker have. For those of you who don't know who these are they are character's from a DC comic book, there are a number of different comics by DC that they're featured in as well as the cartoons on TV, which I use to watch a lot as a kid. More recently Suicide Squad was released, to put it in simple terms they're bad guys put together in a squad to save everyone a bit like Marvels Avengers and DC justice league except the bad guys are the hereos.

Originally know as Dr Harleen Frances Quinzel, Harley was a psychiatric intern at Arkham Asylum with high grades and a model student in college. Harley became very fascinated with a particular inmate (you guessed it The Joker) she was so fascinated that she wanted to analyze him, in order to do this she ended up pleading with the doctors for three months before they allowed her to treat him. Unfortunately for Harley, The joker played with her emotions and ended up seducing her which caused her to fall madly in love with him. She eventually helped The Joker escape from Arkham Asylum and became The Jokers sidekick, Harley Quinn.Throughout their relationship together it became complex and one of the most twisted love affairs I've read about. The Joker already has a lot of control over Harley as it is and knows how to play with her emotions and feelings, he uses her feelings towards him as an advantage to get her to do whatever he wants. 

The Joker is a very manipulative and abusive partner, which brings me to the part of why I think these two aren't relationship goals; he has tried to kill poor Harley on a number of occasions, he beats her and plays with her mind constantly and she lets him because she is so madly in love with him. For a person to actually want a relationship like this I would find it very concerning, yes they're are many cute pictures out there of the couple together that look loving but looks can be deceiving. Harley has said a number of times how both her and The Joker and herself are just as crazy as each other, but to me, this sounds like she is making up excuses and stating that this is why they belong together. In abusive relationships, people do tend to make up excuses for their partners behaviour and reasons as to why they should stay and it's pretty obvious that Harley is doing just that. All the signs point to them having an abusive relationship, in Harleys case The Joker abuses her in a number of different ways such as mental and physical and emotional abuse.

For me personally, I don't find anything that screams "relationship goals" about their relationship, people as young as 13 are posting Meme's saying they would love to find a partner like The Joker or Harley Quinn. Both of these characters are bat shit crazy, you don't have to be with an insane manipulative, abusive person for them to love you. I like Harley but that's not to say I like her when she is with The Joker, nor would I ever want to be her, I have nothing wrong with people jumping on the bandwagon when something is hyped up, life is about discovering new things so I wouldn't want to dampen someone's parade. I just have a huge problem with people glorifying abuse in a relationship by saying it's goals.

Elle May x

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Microsoft are releasing a Wheelchair option for Xbox Live Avatars!

Microsoft has recently announced that there will be a wheelchair options when customising your avatar, why is this a good idea? The avatars that stand up don't really represent those gamers who are wheelchair users, I personally think it's a wonderful idea that a wheelchair user can represent themselves in the gaming industry through their avatar. I get that people are worried that they will be trolled, it baffles me why anyone would troll someone who is disabled or a wheelchair user. Originally this idea started out on twitter when a group of people wanted to start a petition so that wheelchair inspired avatars were added for Xbox, the head of Xbox (Phil Spencer) saw this and addressed it stating "no petition is needed, we hear you. This is something that we've already looked at, not far off". The fact that he addressed this so quickly and that they already had this in the works (so Phil said) puts a giant smile on my face.

I understand that a lot of people couldn't care less about these Avatars and using a wheelchair in avatars means nothing to them, but wouldn't you love to have an accurate representation of yourself? I know I would! I hope that these wheelchairs they're including do come in a variety of different kinds of models as not every wheelchair users use a manual wheelchair. This is just one less thing that wheelchair users don't have to fight for so they're represented in the gaming world. Since this announcement was released however I have seen some very narrow-minded and nasty comments surrounding wheelchair users, one of which saying that a wheelchair user wouldn't want this as they use gaming as a way to forget their disability or why they're in a wheelchair. An able bodied person wrote this comment, I find it wrong that people who have no idea what others have faced or gone through would speak for them, I know so many different wheelchair users who hold no ill will about being in one, they don't feel it's the end of the road and nor do they use gaming as a way to escape their illness/disability. Another saying that this is just begging people to get trolled, excuse me for swearing but this is bullshit! Why would something that some use on a daily basis be a reason to be trolled?!?! I really wanted to write about this seeing as these wheelchair customizations are due to be released this month and  I'm so excited for those who have been eagerly awaiting for this to happen!

As a gamer, I have had a number of different experiences with trolls, normally those who are angry that I killed them in a game or those set on making a point that girls should be in the kitchen. I normally report and block those people and hope that Microsoft or Sony do something about their behaviour. I think nothing more of it because they don't know me nor are they making an impact on my life. I've always wanted to know what people gain from sending a person abuse online or trying to put them down when all they're trying to do is enjoy themselves and play a game. Is trolling really worth it? You might have worked hard to get those trophies and achievements, I use to be obsessed with trying to collect PlayStation trophies and if I ever got banned for anything I would be gutted. But it's not just about what you've achieved online, it's also about being respectable. 

People tend to take gaming very seriously and get very wound up over being killed in a game, game rage is real and it can be pretty scary. It's not hard to refrain from sending abuse, could you imagine if I send abuse to every single person who killed me in a game? That's a lot of time and effort wasted on something that really doesn't matter, I play Destiny a lot on PS4 and I'm happy to say I've only had about 4 nasty messages since playing it and I've been playing it since day one. Lucky for me the Destiny community can be wonderful, but that's not to say that there aren't players who expect you to be the best player in the world in order play online with them, or that they won't start on you just because you're a girl. If you're a person that thinks it's acceptable to troll someone based on a disability, race, gender etc you should probably re-evaluate your life and your way of thinking.

So please, if you do come across someone whose avatar is using a wheelchair, don't troll them there isn't any need for it. Game and be respectable and welcoming community member!

Elle May x