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Friday, 2 December 2016

Who watched The Game Awards 2016?

The Game Awards have come and gone, I never had a chance to watch them although I was planning on watching it, I fell asleep instead. I did however, catch up on it all this morning and was pleasantly surprised to see That Dragon Cancer has won the award for games for impact, I've not played this game yet but I have watched the gameplay for it. It's an emotional roller coaster of a game that puts people in the shoes of those going through cancer and having a family member with cancer. The reason I'm so glad it won an award is because it's so different to other games, seeing how heartbreaking and exhausting it is for a family to deal with cancer and making people more aware of what it can be like might help others understand the lasting effects it has. I watched some of the live footage from last night this morning and decided to make a list of who won what award In case anyone missed it last night:

  • Best eSports Game: Overwatch
  • Best eSports Team: Cloud 9
  • Best eSports Player: Coldzera - Marcelo David
  • Trending Gamer: Boogie2988
  • Most Anticipated Game: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Best Multiplayer: Overwatch
  • Best Sports/Racing Game: Forza Horizon 3
  • Best Family Game: Pokemon Go
  • Best Strategy Game: Civilization 6
  • Best Fighting Game: Street Fighter V
  • Best RPG: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt — Blood and Wine
  • Best Action/Adventure: Dishonored 2
  • Best Action Game: Doom
  • Best VR Game: Rez Infinite
  • Best Mobile/Handheld Game: Pokemon Go
  • Best Independent Game: Inside
  • Games for Impact: That Dragon, Cancer
  • Best Performance: Nolan North as Nathan Drake, Uncharted 4
  • Best Music/Sound design: Doom
  • Best Art Direction: Inside
  • Best Narrative: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End
  • Best Game Direction: Blizzard/Overwatch
  • Game of the Year: Overwatch

I'm so glad Dishonored 2 won the best action/adventure, from the gameplay I've seen on it, it looks like a better version of the first Dishonored, it still reminds me of Bioshock infinite because of the look of the characters (that's not a bad thing), it's one of the must have games for 2016 I can't wait until I finally get my hands on it, I still have the first one on PS3. The Walking Dead season 3 trailer was announced last night too, I can't say I'm too excited for it, I'm not a big fan of the games they didn't really keep me interested and I would personally rather read the comic and watch the show, I'm hoping next year will be a better year for gaming as I didn't feel it was that great of a year for gaming. Although saying that we do have the release of The Last Guardian soon (December 6th) which is exciting, I've been waiting years for it to be released! There were a few game trailers shown at the awards one of which was for Death Stranding, this was the second trailer for the game. Death Stranding is an upcoming open world action game that Kojima Productions and Sony developed together for the Playstation 4, there is no set release date for it yet but I feel that this trailer means it's on the horizon soon (I hope so), I'm most excited that Norman Reedus and Mads Mikkelsen are both in the game, from the looks of the trailer Mads looks like one of the bad guys, tell me what you think of it:

There is one game that's literally just come out that I've been watching on twitch quite a bit, I probably shouldn't ruin it for myself but it looks so different to the other Final Fantasy games and I think that's what appeals to me, not because I think they're rubbish but just because I don't think I would be any good at them unlike the New Final Fantasy 15, which people waited 10 years for! That's a pretty long wait but I'm glad so many people like it and they weren't disappointed with it, it looks pretty beautiful, to be honest. It's safe to say that Overwatch has done pretty well this year! I've got it for Christmas so I'm excited to play it and review it eventually so keep an eye out for it.This month my article for Liability is top 5 games for Christmas 2016, once it's up I will post a link for you all to read it on my social media. What games are you all most looking forward to getting/playing?

Monday, 28 November 2016

What's new?

I've been thinking of writing an updated blog post about what's been going on in my life seeing as I haven't in a while now so here goes! I recently moved in with James, I know that a few people have been saying it's far too soon and that we've been going out less than 2 years but who cares, It's my choice and no one else's business. I'm looking forward to spending our first Christmas in this house together and to make new memories, Gizzy has even joined us here and she has settled in better than I thought she would. I was worried that she would pine a lot more for my mum's cat Penni but I whenever I go to my parents I usually take Gizzy with me so I guess that helps things, Gizzy is currently running around the house with her toy mouse in her mouth (she's a cutie). Now I have moved in with James we have big plans for the spare room, let's just say it's to do with a gaming and I will be doing lots of posts on it! My health has been a bit crappy, I get palpitations more often than I use to these days and it makes sleeping difficult, I've been getting shortness of breath and an increase in dizzy spells too, to top it all off I ended up with an abscess and was put on antibiotics and codeine, I can't say I will miss taking either, they made me feel so sick and throw up.

I was also asked to start writing for an online Magazine called Liability, My friend Sarah over at Sarah in Wonderland asked me if I would like to write gaming articles for the magazine, she was the editor for the magazine at that time so obviously I jumped at the chance to do it, I will be writing once a month for them which is perfect for me! Since I've stepped away from beauty reviews I've fallen in love with blogging again and now enjoy writing about what interests me instead of trying to fit in the beauty world, don't get me wrong I love beauty but It's not what I wanted this blog to be focused on and I won't stop talking about my health as that's the biggest part of my life. I've got a lot of plans for my blog, I guess I could say it's more than just a blog now it's my own website really! I'm also going to be an auntie again, my sister and her partner are expecting a baby girl and I'm so excited for them and wish them all the best in life. If you want to check out my latest article for Liability check it out HERE.