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Movie Review | The Last Airbender

The other week I sat down to watch some TV and was going through the TV guide only to see the most dreaded movie title ever "The Last Airbender" (it came out around 7 years ago now) a lot of you won't know this but I love the TV show I spent many days with a friend watching them and that was the start of my love for Aang and his journey to learn all 4 elements of air bending. The show alone is brilliant and the characters had so much life about them, they made the show what it was with the humour and how they progressed within the story. I know a lot of the time adaptions don't always live up to the expectations of the TV show or book and in this case that is what happened, the fact that they tried to fit 3 seasons of the TV show into one movie was a push to say the least, I was under the impression that it would have been made into maybe three movies but that wasn't the case. they squashed all 61 episodes into one movie which made it feel rushed and boring. They had the chance to make this movie into something great and it had all the right elements for that thanks to the TV show and it's great story lines. 

Review | Power Rangers 2017 |


I finally got round to seeing the new power rangers movie, I had pretty high hopes for this film I partly blaming on me feeding into the hype and how good the trailer looked. I feel like I've been living my childhood lately, with the release of crash and power rangers I felt so nostalgic which I'm not complaining about, being a kid in the 90s was fucking awesome! My sister's and I would watch a variety of tv shows from My Little Pony to Batman, I was the Tele addict out of my sister's so I would happily sit and watch tv for hours if I could. Like many children my sister's and I would pretend we were the Power Rangers, my sister Stefi would be the pink power ranger, much to my dismay! I would have to be the yellow rangers but I was younger and use to think the pink ranger was the strongest when they're all as strong as one another. The fact that a new Power Rangers movie would be released took me back to them days, they were some of the best days I had as a child.

My First Thoughts | Destiny 2 Beta

Tuesday morning I was eagerly waiting for 6pm to roll around, the destiny 2 beta servers would open at that time and I could get my game on. I was both excited and nervous as the first Destiny beta was a bit of a disaster, the servers just couldn't handle a number of players trying to play and I would either get kicked or I couldn't connect, it was so frustrating and left me in two minds about getting a PS4 (I played the beta on someone else's PS4 at the time). Then came September 2014, I couldn't help but buy into the hype so I went out and my ps4 bundle which included Destiny, it was one of the best choices I had ever made because it helped me find a lot of new people some of which are still in my life.

My first thoughts | Until Dawn

We all love a free game don't we? Especially when they are free on PlayStation plus, this month Until Dawn was free to download, I've wanted to play it for a while but never got around to downloading it. Luckily it was free and I could spend my pennies elsewhere, I knew this was a horror and was prepared to let myself be frightened, as I've got older horrors have started to scare me no matter if it's a movie or a game but I still power through it! Until Dawn started off as a PS3 game for the move, I actually really like the PS move a lot of people hate it but I find it a very underrated accessory for the PlayStation. Until Dawn was then eventually released for PS4 in 2014, it now gave you the option of using a normal PS4 controller or the PS move, I like that it has two different options, If I had the PS move for the PS4 I would more than likely use it for Until Dawn