Elle May

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Astro A30s: Gaming Headset.

I've had this headset a while now, I got them as an anniversary present this year from James and have loved using them. I was originally using the earphones you get free with the ps4 but they broke so I ended up using my iPhone earphones as a mic for a bit (they work really well). I told James I really needed a new one so could I have a new headset as an anniversary gift. We settled on the Astro A30s as they're affordable and can be used on both PC and PS4, they arrived very fast and in the coolest box I've seen, I actually put them away in it so they don't get damaged.

From what I had read from reviews Astro is a great company to buy from with high-quality headsets, each of their products have a beautifully sleek look so it can be hard to choose which headset to choose from. The reason why I chose the A30's was because they were bulky and looked comfortable enough for my ears. I tend to have an issue with headsets pushing my ears back and getting a terrible each ache from it, luckily for me the A30's are light and don't hurt my ears. The sound is very clear as is the mic (to an extent) there have been times where my mic is very quiet and I've had to speak louder than normal, even with the mic turned up fully and my boom mic in. the inside of the earphones are comfortable and the outside of the headset is durable, the tabs on the outside of the headset ear buds come off which are interchangeable so you can have different ones each time you use them. 

There is one big flaw with this headset and that is, the headset was only working in the left ear when I used it on the PS4 but worked in both ears when I used it on PC, if I set it to all audio through the headset it works in both ears on PS4. I have a problem with slight deafness in my left ear, so when the sound was coming out of the left ear I sometimes had to switch back to using my iPhone earphones when I was having a bad hearing day. I like that the headset folds sideways, so when I place it down it doesn't stand upright, there is a cushioned band at the top of the headset which makes it more comfortable. I'm able to remove the boom mic so that It doesn't need to be attached when I just want to listen to music which is very handy, but it still has a built-in mic so you can talk over your phone using just the headset, they come with different cables for your chosen/preferred device/console.

I'm not sure I'm a fan of the mute slide button because I end up sliding it so easily without realising it seems to move easily on my headset and considering people want to hear me when I'm gaming with them it gets slightly annoying. The mute button and volume wheel can be found on the main wire you plug into the earphones, It's quite a thick wire so you don't have to worry about it breaking easily if you stand up and pull them (like I have done many times). Overall for the price this headset is great, I'm going to give it 3/5 stars, I would like the A40s one day as they have had some brilliant views, even if they look slightly bulkier, I can put up with my A30's until I need a new pair.

Elle May x

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Samsung Gear VR: First Impression.

The Samsung Gear VR was released in November 2015, it's a mobile virtual reality headset which was developed by Samsung Electronics in collaborating with Oculus. I was so Happy that I got a chance to Try out the Samsung Gear VR , I've wanted to try it out for a while now and was pretty impressed with it for the price tag, It's a very affordable VR compared to others, it retails at around £80 but you can get it cheaper if you shop around. I'm not completely sure if It's easy to put the phone inside the VR as someone else put it in before I tried the VR out. But what I can say is the phone stays in place, it doesn't move around and is very snug when connected to the glasses. The head strap can be tightened or made loose to fit what ever size your head is, I had to tighten it due to having a small head, The strap wasn't uncomfortable and the inside of the VR is nicely padded so it doesn't dig into your face, It felt lovely and cushioned. The glasses have no light gaps, they blocked everything that surrounds you out so you're only concentrating on the screen inside the glasses, making the experience feel more real. The VR works with:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6/ S6 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 7

For the price, the VR's graphics are good, at times they do go blurry but there is a turn wheel that you use to make the image clearer, at times there is some pixelation but I don't think that affected my experience in any way. My favourite one of the apps I used on the VR was the roller coaster, I felt very emersed in the VR world and felt like I was really on a rollercoaster, it even made my head giddy. I also enjoyed the ocean app, I moved my head too fast to the left and a shark was suddenly in my face, it scared me so much I pulled to VR off my face. The sound that came out of the VR was directly from the phone, it was clear and loud enough for me to hear, I think if I did use earphones it would make the experience much more intense as everything around me would be blocked out completely. 

As I wasn't using the VR for a long time and it was just to try it out, I'm not sure how everything works but I got the gist of it all. On the right-hand side of the glasses, there is a button that helps you navigate and pause the app you are using, it can be sensitive but I would rather it be sensitive than having to press down hard to get it to work. Overall I really enjoyed Using this VR, I have tried the Oculus rift before which is obviously much better compared to this VR. I've always wanted my own VR and now that there is one on the market that I can afford and use with my Samsung Galaxy S6 I can get one. I did a little research online to find out what some of the best VR apps are, one of them is Minecraft. I'm a big lover of Minecraft, it's been one of those games I constantly go back to especially when I just want to sit back, relax and make things, I'm definitely going to give it a go once I get the VR. Hopefully, when I do have the VR I can write a proper review on it and tell you all what my favourite apps are!

Elle May x