Elle May

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

I have surfers ear but I don't surf.

The name they give this growth is surfers ear, it's normally surfers who get it but I somehow developed it. It happens when Irritation from cold wind and water exposure causes the bone surrounding the ear canal to develop lumps of new bony growth which constrict the ear canal. Most people who develop it are in their 30's or 40's although people can still get it at any age it's just seen more in older people. I don't think I've ever spoke about this on here before but I've decided what the hell I might as well! When I was 12 I discovered I had a growth in my ear, I was freaked out and scared as to what kind of growth it was. I had a MRI scan of my head to see how big it was and if I had more than one. At 13 I was booked in to have it removed, I was told it's just a bone growth and they will be able to remove it. After I woke up it was a great feeling I could hear things louder and it felt awesome, but a few years down the line I discover it had grown back. It turned out they didn't remove it all they left the stem attached to the inside of my ear and the end grew back, it's in a mushroom shape so they just took the big end off. Since then I've had earaches, bleeding ears, trouble with balance and a horrible time trying to clean it out. In some cases (not mine) the growth grows back when the ear is exposed to cold water and wind, but it can be prevented if you keep your ears protected from these elements.

My ear still looks perfectly normal

Over a year ago I went back to the hospital to see about getting it removed, they told me it wasn't possible as they could damage my ear removing it in the position it's in. They also said that the first operation I had should never have gone ahead because of where the growth is and that's why they most likely only took the end off. I basically have to live with this bone growth in my ear for the rest of my life, it's a pain in the bum! I have it cleaned at the hospital every 3/6 months and it's so so painful. I'm very self-conscious of my ear even though the growth is on the inside I always get worried that people can see it or see ear wax. Keeping it clean myself is painful and can cause it to bleed that's why I have to go to the hospital to get it done, I have to make sure I cover my ears in the winter as I'm prone to getting infections in my left ear (growth ear) to make matters worse I have a hearing problem in that ear both because of the growth and because of another issue. I don't know anyone else who suffers from this, nor do I understand how an earth I got it but I thought I would share it on my blog maybe to see if anyone else who doesn't surf has surfers ear, who knows! 

Elle May x

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

My cat alomost died.

It was pretty early the other morning, I woke up to Gizzy making funny noises like she was screaming and growling at the same time. I had never heard her make these kind of noises so I opened my eyes to see Gizzy hanging from my bunting by her neck. This is not a lie it's the honest truth, I moved as fast as I can and lifted her up and removed the bunting from around her neck. I had never ever been so terrified and upset over Gizzy like this before, I felt so bad because it's my responsibility to keep her safe and she nearly died. Luckily she was checked over and she is fine, just a little shaken up and scared.

My reason for posting this is because people overlook what dangers can be around when it comes to pets. Parents baby proof and kid proof their house but a lot of people don't bother with animals which is a little silly seeing as they can get hurt from everyday household items just like us humans can. I foolishly didn't think Gizzy would get her neck or any part of her stuck in bunting but she is a cat they like things that are string like or hang down so they can play with them. Ever since that incident we have moved the blind strings so they aren't hanging down, I no longer have bunting up and I'm forever checking what she has got in her mouth. 

Cats are like babies, they will bite on things and get themselves tangled up, this is why you have to keep an eye on them when they are playing with cat toys. I have seen/heard other horror stories about cats choking and hanging themselves on toys because their owners haven't put the toys away or been around whilst they are playing and unfortunately I was one of those people. Fair enough you can't always keep an eye on them but you can put things away and hide them from your cats. Some people even go as far as ignoring warning labels on toys, please be cautious and always read these warnings and be aware of the dangers, if you're unsure of how safe a toy is read up about it. I have put together a list of a few cat toys which are hazardous but your cats can play with them as long as they are under supervision.

  • Avoid toys that have string/rubber bands/ribbon these are extremely dangerous and can not only strangle your cat but they are dangerous to be ingested.
  • Make sure you don't buy toys that are small enough to be swollen and ingested.You can buy you mice for cats that have eyes and noses stuck on, when they come off your cat could choke on them.
  • Feather toys may look cute, my cats have a few but I always make sure I'm around whilst they play with them, cats do tend to swallow them which can be dangerous.
  • Soft toys can also be dangerous, the stuffing inside can be toxic so if you do get your cat a stuffed toy make sure it's safe for under 3 year old and make sure it's sewn securely together, Kong do some wonder pet safe soft toys!
  • Fishing pole toys are a big risk, a cat can become tangled up in one and can find it impossible to untangle themselves which can suffocate them.
  • Always keep an eye on your cat if they are playing with a toy that has a battery in, they could get the battery out and eat it if you don't!
  • You may think it's cute to let your cat play in a bag but it's dangerous, bags kill cats! They can choke on them and suffocate themselves.

There are a number of safe cat toys you can get here are a few:

Ping Pong Balls - These are big enough to not be swallowed and cats love batting them around, If you notice they have a crack in don't let your cat carry on playing with them, replace them.

Cat track ball activities are great for keeping your cats active, we have had ours for 6 years now and added bits to it to make it longer!

For years we have been buying Kong toys for our cats, these plush crinkle toys are great.

This cardboard castle is perfect for cats, my cats are obsessed with cardboard any ways so I'm sure they would love one of these.

Crinkle cat balls keep my cats very active, they don't chew on them they just bat them around the house, you can make your own by getting some tinfoil and rolling it into a ball.

Hopefully more people are aware of what they let their toys play with after reading this, 
I don't know what I would of done if I had lost Gizzy due to my own stupidity, she is my little ray of sunshine.

Elle May x