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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Giveaway | The Star Name Registry*

I love space, in school it would fascinate me at how big the universe truly was. One thing that always interested me was the fact that the sun was actually a star, stars a made up of big balls of as that take millions of years to shine down on earth and by the time we actually see them they could have burnt out and died,  I love the whole idea of naming a star I know it gives a lot of people a piece of mind to see a star sparkling in the sky, when I was little my mum would tell me that it was a lost relative looking down on me (I know sounds like the Lion King) so I've always loved that notion. The idea to give someone a star named after them or something they loved has always been something I wanted to do either for myself or a loved one, I was actually given the chance to name my own star thanks to the Star name registry, at first I didn't know what to name it I thought long and hard about what my mum told me when I was younger and settled on the name Noah. This name means a lot to me, I was going to name my first child this but unfortunately, I was never able to, I always thought of the babies I don't have with me as my little stars and decided to name my star Noah, my little star in the sky. Some people may find that morbid but I find comfort it in, it makes me smile, especially when it's so close to Mother's Day, that's why I think naming a star would be a wonderful Mother's day gift. If you put an order in for one right now it will be with you or your loved one by Mother's Day, your star name will be registered within 24 hours of your order then take 1-3 working days to be delivered within the UK. My star is in the boundaries or the Ursa Minor constellation, it is also known as the Little Bear within the Northern Sky, Little Bear's tail can also be mistaken for a ladle and that's why it also has a North American name, The Little Dipper.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Guest post | My Picks for Nostalgia Instilling Gaming Music.

My earliest memory of games was at the very young age of 2 I would play Sonic on our Sega Saturn every day and without fail at the end of Green Hill Zone, I would always end up running down the stairs crying because Dr. Robotnik (or Eggman...whatever you wanna call him) scared the absolute crap out of me. Ever since then, games have always been a major part of my life with me even considering a career in gaming, utilizing my creative skills in character design or music. 

Over the years, I had periods of time where games have had to take a back seat due to various reasons but they were always something I came back to. I have surprisingly been able to find the most time now, despite being a mother, having a job and a blog to run, to play games. Whether I play them by myself or play online with my partner or friends, I just seem to manage the find the time a lot more recently despite being at my busiest! With the recent remakes and remasters being announced for release in the near future, it makes me look back at a lot of the games of my childhood (particularly preteen/early teen) that had such a big impact on me and I either would love to see re-released or simply just want to pick up and play again. I find myself sitting listening to the soundtracks of so many of these games, reliving walking through these worlds that I lost so much time to in my childhood. My daughter loves watching me play games and I can't wait for her to be old enough to enjoy some of these games, either in their original or remastered/made form. Some pieces of music bring me back to these worlds more than others and I am going to share some of these with you.

I'll warn you first I don't particularly have the most conventional taste in games (or music for that matter) so there may be some here you don't overly recognise but hey, music and games bring on different feelings for different people! 

Thursday, 9 March 2017

So you want to be a blogger? | Here are some tips.

A lot of work goes into blogging and it can be exhausting, there is a lot to consider when it comes to committing to a blog and I use the word committing heavily when I say this. Some people use blogs for different reasons which are perfectly fine. I've seen blogging grow very fast over the years and seen bloggers come and go. Some love it and some of them decide it's not for them, others realise that they can't make it work because they thought it would be easier. I don't have the greatest blog and I don't rely on photos too much because of what I write about (unless I'm doing a sponsored post then I will try my best to take quality pictures). For me blogging is more about expressing myself without having to physically speak, it gives me something to focus on other than worrying about every other little thing in my life. I've taken more breaks from blogging than I can count but I've always come back because it's something I want to stick too. If you're serious about wanting to make a living out of blogging and you're new to it there is a lot to consider, I still have a lot to learn in terms of blogging but I would say blogging isn't the main priority in my life as I have more important things to worry about but I would eventually like to grow and make it a priority at some stage. So if you're new to blogging, here is some stuff to consider:

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Kitchen Gadget wishlist.

Although the kitchen in mine and James's house doesn't need to be decorated but we do still need a few kitchen gadgets and I love kitchen gadgets so I've put together a wish list of things I would love for my kitchen. First up is the *Panasonic automatic Bread Maker SD-ZB2512, where James lived before we moved into our house, there was a bread maker I always wanted to give it a go because who doesn't like making their own bread? I love watching cooking and baking TV shows that feature bread making, most of the time the bread is done in the oven but I personally would prefer to use a bread maker. The reason I would love the Panasonic bread maker is because it would do all the hard work for more when it comes to making bread, that sounds lazy but if there is an easier way to do these things why shouldn't I use them? This bread maker has 17 types of bread programmes one of which is a pizza dough mode, I love homemade pizza it's always a fun thing to bake with your kids or your partner and you can make it exactly how you want it, you can use it to make jam with, I actually never knew you could do this with a bread maker until I started reading up about this one, it cuts down the time of having to stand around stirring jam, there is also a yeast and fruit/nut dispenser which will be dispensed through the bread maker to ensure an even distribution of ingredients throughout the bread. We will be able to make scones with one of these which James loves, I'm not a big fan of them but if we can make them at home in a bread maker that's a big upside for me as James and I enjoy freshly baked food, If I was to get one of these bread makers I would really like to give this recipe from BBC recipes a go (which you can view HERE), It's a classic white loaf recipe which I think James and I will be able to do easily, I know it's naughty but white bread is my favourite kind of bread. If you want to buy this bread maker it's a bit pricey, with a price tag of £199.99, but considering it has a lot of different functions I personally think it will be worth the price, and has some great reviews which you can read directly from their website. There are lots of other bread makers available that are much more affordable out there such as the ones on Amazon but I personally like the look and the features of the Panasonic ones and the reviews are what win me over, you can purchase the Panasonic bread makers from Amazon rather than the Panasonic website as they're usually on offer, which is where I would most likely get mine from.