From pink to Blonde.

I promised myself that I would stop bleaching my hair and go back to my natural hair colour, but let's face it that was never going to happen. I always end up having to bleach my roots then re-dying my hair pink, it's one hair colour i'm addicted to dying my hair and sometimes I leave my hair all blonde instead and this is one of those times. I wanted to keep it blonde this time because it seems to bring out my blue eyes, although people say that about every colour I dye my hair.

In order to get my hair to the blonde I wanted it I had to make my hair a lighter pink, I had recently brightened it which meant I had to find a quick way to strip the colour to the lightest shade of pink as I could. Luckily we have anti dandruff shampoo and my friend gifted me a frozen shampoo for Christmas which was a cheeky joke. I probably shouldn't of washed my hair 8 times in two days but I did, I used anti dandruff shampoo 4 times and the frozen shampoo 4 times which turned my hair a nasty salmon pink which was about as light as it was going to go. I bought some blonde hair dye which was just a box brand, I decided against buying actual bleach blonde dye because of how damaging it normally is to my hair even though the box brands can be nearly as damaging, It needed two boxes of dyes to get rid of all the pink in my hair.

My hair had a lot of yellow tones left in it after but luckily I had purchased a few different toners to try out to cancel the yellow tones. first of all I tried the directions silver dye (or toner as some call it) it mostly took to the ends of my hair and made them a very very light blonde but left my top half of my head a muggy blonde colour with some yellow tones left in it which made it look like this:

Luckily I had purchased another toner called Bblonde maximum colour toner by Jerome Russel in silver which is for bleach blonde hair and it took my hair from an off blonde colour to this:

I've also been using Pro:voke touch of silver shampoo and conditioner as well as using Schwarzkopf live colour XXL toner mousse in icy platinum which lasts up to 28 washes. My hair is in pretty good condition considering how much I dye it, I always make sure it's well conditioned and do a hair mask every now and then, I try and avoid heat so when I know i'm not going anywhere I brush it and leave it wet or just tie it up after brushing it, to avoid breakage I made myself some Foe (Fold over elastic) hairbands to tie my hair up with, they are brilliant and easy to make. I ordered some extensions that match the colour of my hair as well, I really miss having long hair, once they arrive I will have to take a selfie and show you all. 

One last thing, I don't recommend bleaching hair yourself unless you do know what you're doing, it's very damaging to hair and can make it break very easily so I do recommend going to the hair dressers instead.

What not to ask me about my heart condition.

Over the years people have been curious about my heart problems and how they effect me, but sometimes they don't understand that things they say and ask can be insensitive and very intrusive. It gets annoying having to always explain why I feel annoyed over people asking certain things so here is what I'm sick of being asked or told.

You don't look like you have a heart condition.
How is a person with a heart condition suppose to look? Do you want me to not get ready or make an effort with myself, I know I will just spend every waking day looking like a corpse just so I look like someone who is ill. You can't see all medical conditions or disabilities, don't be one of those narrow minded people who think all people that are ill can only be ill if they look it.

Are you going to die?
I hate this question, of course I'm going to die we all are at some point in our lives. It's not fair to ask someone who is already terrified of dying early due to their heart if they are going to die, that's beyond insensitive and I'm not going to even answer that question if I'm asked it ever again.

Why don't you have a scar?
Not all people who have heart problems can have heart surgery, I have a chronic illness so it cannot be fixed, some people with NCS have pace makers fitted but I am not applicable for that. I may be able to have an operation on my heart valve that's missing the roof but I can't have surgery to fix or cure my NCS. Also not all people who have heart surgery have a huge scar, there are new ways of doing surgery these days that leave Minimal scarring. I don't just suffer from NCS I have a number of different heart problems which are an unroofed coronary sinus, heart bifurcation and a heart murmur.

I've never heard of NCS, are you sure it's real?
Yes it's a real condition, NCS stands for Neurocardiogenic Syncope I've explained it before in a previous blog post.

Why would you want kids or to find love if you have a condition that could kill you early?
I actually hate it when people say this, I have as much right as everyone else to be a mother and find love. It's not me being selfish it's me wanting to get on with life and not get dragged down by my condition. To say I have less of a right to a child or love because of something I can't control is wrong!

Rant over! On a good note I thought I would give you all a little update about my love life! The day after Valentines day (yeah I know it wasn't that long ago) I was asked out by the sweetest guy ever, he is a little charmer and I haven't stopped smiling since we started to date/becoming his gf. I'm hoping thing will carry on going as well as they have been because I'm extremely happy right now, even though people keep asking me stupid questions like the ones above!