Random haul

A few weeks ago Amy sent me some more of her lovely necklaces that she makes, 4 more in fact! They are so dainty and pretty and suit perfectly with my outfits, I try not to wear too many accessories because my hair is such an attention grabber on it's own but I love wearing these necklaces, my favourite one out of the 4 has to be the moon and the skull.

I also want to tell you about some other purchases I made which are two we look skirts and a new look grey blazer. The skirts were both £9.99 and the blazer was £19.99, I was originally looking for a shirt to wear but I have up. The black skirt is high waisted and very stretchy, the belt it a wonderful simple touch and you can remove it if need be. The flower skirt is stretchy and fitted, it fits lovely over my huge bum (thank god!). I got the blazer in a bigger size so it was baggy on me, I roll the sleeves up on it because it looks better that way, it has a lovely leather look bit just above the pockets, pockets that actually are pockets and not for show. 

(sorry about the cat tail in the picture)

I really wanted a nice bag to put my camera and Ipad in when I got out, so I went into Tkmaxx and came across this gorgeous pale pink bag by the make Nica, it was originally £55 down to £29.99, Tom told me I should get it and that it's a perfect size for what I needed it for so he twisted my arm into getting it and now I'm in love with it!

The last thing I have to show is this foundation by L'Oreal called true match, I actually found out about this from Briar Rose's (Megan) Instagram, someone was asking her which foundation she used and she said this one. I got it in the lightest shade which is Ivory Rose. It cost me £9.99 from boots but it is well worth the price, no more nasty mismatched shades on my face anymore! I really do recommend this foundation, it does't feel cakey on my skin or make me look shiny, it stays in place for ages and makes it look like i'm not wearing foundation. So pale skin girls give this shade a go, I love it.

What to buy him for Valentines Day ideas.

Last year I did a post for the guys/girls to give them ideas of what to get their lady for valentines day which you can see HERE this year I'm going to do one for the girls (as well as guys too) to give them ideas of what to buy for their man. I know most girls don't even bother to get their man anything but me personally I would have to because it's only fair and i am a big softy who is into all that romantic stuff. This year for valentines day i already know i will be going to see The Lego movie, so i'm very excited about that (I love Lego ) also Tom and I may be going for a meal but i'm going to leave that bit up to him. Tom is into gaming, skating, adventure time and Star Wars (as well as many other things) so I know exactly what I will be getting him. Most people think all guys are into the same thing which is a big mistake, guys aren't all the same and most certainly don't always happen to like the same things, I've put together a selection of gift ideas which will appeal to men with different taste. Over the past weeks I had been searching online for stuff to get Tom for valentines day so I am going to also share a few ideas I had found for him:

I love this wallet plectrum case, Tom plays guitar and I think it would be perfect for when he has a gig or goes to band practice to have one of these with him. At the price of £16.50 it's a cheap affordable gift for your man, it can be purchased from Notonthehighstreet.com. 


Cuff links are a great accessory for men, they can come in any shape, size and design these days but i think these anchor ones a quirky and cute and can go with any shirt/suit and match perfectly, you can purchase these from Esty for $12.

This is an Anker battery back up, i personally think everyone should carry a battery backup around with them due to the fact that batteries on phones/tablets can drain so fast, one of these are essential for everyday life these days this one can be purchased from Amazon for £37.99 it is currently on sale and was £129.99 before so you save £92.00.

Does your partner want to get fit? The jawbone is perfect to help that happen, i have heard so many things about this bracelet and others that are simular to it that i want one myself, it does come at a pretty expensive price of  £89 but it's worth it. If you don't know what exactly it does i will explain, this bracelet will track your sleeping and your every day activity, you can Log food and drink, and track nutritional information for personalised insights to help you set goals it also have up to 10 days battery life before you have to charge it again and comes in different wrist sizes, you can purchase one from Amazon.

Again this is a pricey present, it is a clock radio and speaker which you can plug your Iphone into it has been made for 30-pin Iphones and Ipods the iPhone 5, iPod Touch (5th generation) and iPod Nano (7th generation) it has many different features such as charging your Iphone/Ipod, auto sync with Iphone/Ipod and Wake up to music, FM radio or buzzer it has other things too but you can check that out on their website, it can be purchased from The great gift company for £60.

This last gift is a one night glamping break for two, It's something I actually would really love to do personally. There are 10 different campsites around the UK where you can stay in these cute little huts instead of tents these locations are:  East Riding of Yorkshire, Devon, Hampshire, Cornwall, Shropshire, Herefordshire, Cumbria, Cornwall, Dumfries and Galloway, North Yorkshire and Powys. I'm actually so pleased they do one in Cornwall because that's where I live! You can purchase a voucher to stay in one for these from Prezzy Box and it's only £49 a night which is a really good price for two people!

I hope you all like the gift ideas i came up with and hope you're all having a wonderful day!