My cardiac appointment.

Yesterday was the day I finally got to see my consultant after a year of waiting for an appointment, the last time I went I was pregnant so a lot has changed with my body since then. I had a list of things I wanted to talk to my consultant about, one of which is the coming and going of numbness and pins and needles in my left arm. It's a big concern for me because It effects my everyday life just like my NCS does. The other thing I needed to discuss was how much more ill I am feeling since losing my baby, it seems that since I'm no longer pregnant my condition has got a lot worse. 

I went into the reception area and booked myself in, I was called a few minutes later to have my weight and BP checked, they always check my BP when I'm sat down knowing it's so much lower when I'm standing which is annoying. Then I had my ECG, the woman was so kind to me and made me feel very comfortable even though I was laying there topless with my boobies out (I hate it) the machine actually worked first time, normally it takes ages for it to work for me, I guess I was very relaxed! After I was done with that I went and got dressed and the woman told me the consultant was running 35 minutes late... An hour later I was finally seen, but not by my normal consultant, it was some young guy who didn't really know what my problem was until he looked into my file. I asked him where my consultant was he said they split the clinic, he then told me that it's like of the pot which consultant I want to see next time (not pleased at all!!) I did tell him I needed to talk to my normal consultant as he knows everything that's been going on, he told me next time (3/6 months time) I can see him, then asked if I had a tilt table test before and suggested towards the idea of having another, now people know how much I hate the tilt table test it's actual hell having to be strapped down then out upright to make me pass out, I told him no my notes say I have had one and I for want another. He then said he is going to write me a proscription out for fludrocortisone which will be sent through to my GP and sent me in my way.

I was in no way happy about this appointment, I felt upset and wanted to cry. Feeling let down by my own consultant makes me feel uncomfortable about going to see him, I know people may think I am being silly but I really did need to talk to him. At least when I see my GP I can discuss how I feel about it all and he will understand. Has anyone else had a similar thing happen to them and felt upset like I am about it?


On Friday night I stayed over Toms, we went out for a meal then back to his and watched Rock of ages. I was a bit of a moody cow with him, thank god he can put up with my mood swings! When I woke up in the morning I wasn't feeling too good, my NCS had a big part to play in that! Tom informed me I had been sleep walking that night and told him to put the kids to bed and to wash the dead bug off the window (I don't even know how to explain any of that except I must of been stressed). Any ways because I wasn't feeling too good, tom was a lovely gentleman and sat in the bathroom whilst I bathed because I felt faint and didn't fancy drowning, he is a sweetheart. Later that day on Saturday he decided to take us for a drive somewhere and ended up taking me to Lanhydrock, the prices there are high but for £26 for the year tom got me and him a joint membership for all the national trust parks around the UK. Once we filled out the paper work for all that we walked down to Lanhydrock house, I instantly fell in love with it, it's so big and beautiful! Unfortunately as we was walking around I started to get dizzy and when we got to the car I felt like I was about to pass out, tom handed me a drink and left all the windows open in the car so I started to feel a little bit better.

Next time me and Tom go, we have decided to have our own little picnic and take the polaroid camera with us. Tom being a little sweetheart saw the cutest Pjz in Asda (kitty ones) and got me them, they are the softest ones I have ever worn and look unbelievably adorable! I made him put them on and tried to take his picture but he wouldn't let me get a good one. I got him a cute little bobble hat and myself a cat jumper and a new skirt (all from Asda). I can't wait to see Tom again on Tuesday, he knows how to make me smile!

Lovely days.

I went out with my parents the other day so I could check if Boots had Bleach London dye stocked yet, unfortunately for me they didn't so instead I decided to go Wilkinson and Tkmax. My mum is such a bad influence on me, I try not to buy stuff and she points out cute dresses to me and I cant help but buy them. When I was in town I wasn't impressed with the amount of nasty looks and remarks about my pink hair, people can be very narrow minded sometimes just because I have bright pink hair, they should grow up and keep their remarks to themselves. But I still had a nice shopping trip with my parents, we was only out for an hour, I would of gone with Tom but he was at work.I really needed a new umbrella so when I was in Tkmaxx I spotted a really cute Hello Kitty one that I had to buy in Wilkinsons, it did cost me £6 though, I also saw they was doing bath bombs and got two different ones for Tom to try. After I went to Wilkinsons me and my mum popped into Tkmaxx and she managed to make me buy her a cute pink wool jumper, I got myself two pretty skater dresses, I love the design on them both and they are very snug. 

When I went out for a meal on Friday I wore the blue dress from Tkmaxx, it looks very cute with my velvet jacket from Lashes of London. Over the weekend I was with Tom, I had the most amazing time, we sat and watched movies and ate junk food (naughty us) then on Sunday he took me too Newquay and got me a hello kitty Vans backpack, I am literally so thankful he got me it, he is the sweetest cutest guy ever, he also got me a cute owl iphone case which is perfect for me because I am always dropping my phone.

Dresses inspired by my favourite Disney princesses.

As young girls me and my sister Stefi were aways watching Disney movies, well what child wasn't! We always had one main Disney princess each which was our favourite, mine was Ariel because she has red hair like me and my sisters was Belle. We would always make up pretend games/stories which would involve us being Ariel and Belle, we had great imaginations and so many fun times. I don't just like Ariel I have quite a few other Disney princesses I love, I decided to put together a dress (you can actually buy) to match my favourite princesses. I was browsing through Esty and came across 1 dress to match each princess:

Rapunzel from Tangled
My reason for choosing this Greek style dress is because I feel it would suit her even if it's more of a jasmine kind of dress, I love the detailing and a lot of the movie featured golden colours, I know Rapunzel wears a pink/purple dress but gold/cream looks so much better. It would make a beautiful wedding dress as well! 

Cinders is a very much-loved Disney character, the way her prince charming hunts her town is a bit crazy but it's very romantic, I decided to find a dress that wasn't too puffy and I came across a dress that was actually a Cinderella style dress which I happen to be in love with!

Belle from Beauty and the Beast
I had to add Belle to this because she is my sisters favourite princess, I wasn't going to find a yellow dress first of all because everyone uses yellow to represent a Belle dress, but I came across this one and it was perfect! I love 50 style dresses and I would dress up as Belle in this one.

Aurora from sleeping beauty
Aurora is a big favourite of mine, being woken up by a gorgeous prince from my slumber doesn't sound bad at all, her style dresses are one of my favourite and I love when the fairies keep changing the colour of her dresses. I settled for this beautiful Victorian wedding dress, it's from the 1970's and the detailing on it is beautiful! (click picture to view dress).

Merida from Brave
I LOVE Merida, she is amazing, her long ginger curly hair and her boyish ways make me smile so much, it's nice to see such a different kind of princess in a movie for once. The reason why I love her so much is because when I was younger, with my ginger locks like hers the only princess I would end up saying I was would be Ariel because she was a red head! This dress is perfect for Merida, I love the style of it and the colour of it, the sleeves are amazing! 

Snow White
Snow whites, dress I have never really liked that much, due to the puffy sleeves I just really don't like them, i wanted to find a different kind of dress that she would wear that wouldn't take away her kind of style, that's when I found this beautiful retro dress. I would wear it as an everyday dress, to be honest! 

What do you think of my choice of dresses? Would you wear any of them every day or buy any of the dresses to dress up like the princesses I matched them too?

Beauxoxo order/ wish list.

For a while now I have been a fan of Beauxoxo, their products are beautiful and remind me a lot of Crown and Glory, but saying that they are both unique and beautiful in different ways. The other day I placed and order on Beauxoxo for a knitted bow headband so I can wear it in the winter instead of a hat all the time. It was on sale for £11 so I thought I would treat myself, it turned up the other day and I am in love with it!! The way it was packed was so pretty, I love the tissue paper and the sweets it came with, they even wrote me a little note saying thanks. My mum told me should would like one as well, but she knows I would end up stealing it just like everything else that she buys. The one thing I love about the knitted headband is that it fits my head, it's a bit baggy but that's great from when I leave my hair big and curly. The pastel purple looks lovely with my hair and is making me tempted to put purple bits throughout my hair.

✿ ✿ 

✿ ✿ 
✿ ✿ 
✿ ✿ 
 ✿ ✿ 

✿ ✿ 

Although I purchased the headband from them recently, there is so much more I would love to buy, if I could I would purchase everything from their shop, but I'd most likely end up overdrawn and sad yet happy at the same time. Because I'm into rainbows, pastels and sparkly things lately, Beauxoxo is perfect to buy from for my obsession!! Their wire headbands make the perfect Summer accessory, I have one but it's from new look and much smaller than the Beauxoxo ones. I also own quiet a few bows, a girl can never have too many bows, the big ones Beauxoxo to remind me so much of Ariel's bow and I need one, but any ways check out my wishlist!

✿ ✿ 

I would just like to state that i do not own the pictures of models wearing Beauxoxo  they belong solely to Beauxoxo and i am just using them for the purpose of this post.

17 miracle matte foundation.

When i was in town the other day i spotted this foundation and saw that it was only £5.99 in boots, so i thought i would get some to give it a go. I really wish i hadn't wasted my money on it really, don't get me wrong the price of it is a great upside but the texture and the lasting effects of it was rubbish, it claims to last up to 16 hours more like 4! I put some on my hand before i purchased it and it look alright, even the shade (i guess in natural lighting i didn't realise how dark it would be) and it looked fine, went on well and smelt nice. The day after purchasing it i decided to give it a go, i applied it after i had used my GOSH primer and my concealer. 

I wasn't happy one bit, it looked cakey, has a horrid orange tinge to it and felt greasy on my skin. I shouldn't really complain considering it was only £5.99, but i honestly thought it would be better so i gave it one more shot. This time i didn't use a primer on my face, i used my concealer then applied the foundation and it looked even more cakey then when i had used primer first. I don't really know what i am going to do with this bottle i have, perhaps give it to a family member and see if it works well on their skin.