Foundation Sponge & tangle teezer

First of all i want to apologise for not being on here much, i have a genuine reason and it's not because i am lazy (well i am kind of ) but because we changed internet providers and ever since it has been really slow and i haven't been able to connect, i can just about write this post and it's like 2am!!! anyways i thought i would do a post about the foundation blender sponge my sister got me with my beauty box and the tangle teezer she got me for my birthday.

Foundation blender sponge

I only had a chance to use this sponge once because my cats decided it was their toy and ran off with it and destroyed it! I was so upset because i really enjoyed using it, i put it under water and squeezed some water out, it had gone twice the size it originally was, i then started to use it to apply my foundation and it went on so well, it left my face looking smooth and flawless. I had decided to use it with a foundation that i found cakey, but when i applied it the foundation didn't look cakey at all it looked flawless and lovely. I have no idea what make it is or where my sister got it from, just don't leave your sponge anywhere near a cat because cats claim ownership of everything, well at least my cats do.

Tangle Teezer

I was really excited to get my tangle teezer for my birthday because my hair is so knotty espically since i started to bleach it and because its curly. My sister got me the orange one because i am naturally ginger, she is funny like that haha. I am in love with it! I use it when my hair is wet or dry and when i brush it through my knots there is no pain at all, which normally happens because the curls in my hair go knotty a lot. I have seen a few bad reviews about the tangle teezer but in my opinion its a great must have and it's great to use as a normal brush as well as to untangle your hair.

By the way it's took me two hours just to upload two pictures into this post, i think i am going to go crazy at how slow my connection is in a minute!

My 25th birthday.

I am now finally 25 and I honestly don't feel any different (I hate when people ask me if I feel older) I had a wonderful day and got some gorgeous presents and cards off of people! Yesterday i couldn't wait to open my presents so at midnight my parents let me open them, I've always been impatient!! During the day i got ready to go out with tom, we went to frankie & bennys and then went to see Riddick, after we went back to mine, my parents had got me a hello kitty and wrote my name in silver balls on it which was really cute. My mum gave some cake for Tom to take home with him so he seemed happy about that, his sister got me some Radox bath soak, a pretty candle and a card, as did his parents and Tom got me a hello kitty necklace/ring and a beautiful jewellery box! My parents got me two bracelets, a necklace pendent and some earrings, i also got a lee stafford hair dryer and my sister Stefi got me a tangle teezer! I want to say thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, i feel very lucky to have such good friends, family and a lovely boyfriend!

Lastly the lovely Chloe sent me the most wonderful letter in the post and a card for my birthday, i have developed such a lovely friendship with this girl and i would really love to meet her! Not only is she a wonderful photographer she is a sweetie, we both call each other unicorns because of our funky pastel hair colours, you should all check her out: Chloe Lee Photography

Random Haul

I forgot to write this blog post after i had gone Plymouth with Tom the other week so i thought i would write it now. Me and Tom were originally going to go Bristol but Tom decided on going Plymouth in the end seeing as it was closer, so we went shopping! I was really happy because i could finally go to Primark as i haven't been in forever. It was so packed and hot when we went i thought i was going to faint or keel over and die. When i went into Primark i saw the My Little Pony T-shirt straight away and i couldn't help but buy it, i decided to get it in a bigger size so it was loose fitting and i could wear it over dresses and tops, then i saw unicorn sock and they were so cute so i got them for £2, i also brought a pair of navy blue leggings and two cute dresses, one is black and white with flowers and the other is black with pink hearts, they are really cute. After going Primark i wanted to find a nice pair of Vans so we went Soul Trader and i found a pair of blue navy ones which said they were £49 but i managed to get them for £39! Today i decided to go into town with my step dad and get some hair dye, so i got some hair bleach (for my god awful roots) and 3 packets of silver dye from pound land, seriously girls this stuff is awesome, i put it over my pink hair and now its baby pink/silver i love it! I also brought some 17 matte foundation to try out for £5.99.

How cute is the Pony on my T-Shirt!

It's my birthday on Thursday so i will be doing a blog post about it either on the day or a few days after, i am really looking forward to it!

MUA wishlist.

The other night I was looking at MUA online and was going through all the products adding stuff to my basket like a mad woman and realising I didn't need half the stuff in the basket but I wanted it anyways. I think most people do this and then decide to go through with it and chicken out in the end, well I am terrible like that I am so indecisive when it comes to ordering things online, I guess I am the same when I go out to shop, I pick something up and decide I should have it and then have this crazy idea i don't need it but then I go back to get it because I regret not buying it. I am a confusing woman I swear! Right now I am a bit obsessed when it comes to blush, I have all sorts of pink shades because they suit me the best, so I filled my basket up with quite a few blushes here is what I added to my basket:

 I couldn't be bothered to list all the links, each product is pretty easy to find on the site anyways so i'm sure if you wish to check them out just go to MUA. I love the red lipstick! I think I may get it considering it's only £1 and red lips are sexy.

lip & blush swatches

As I said before in my other post about my box swap #3 I would do some posts about the makeup I received from my sister, so I'm going to do this one about some of the lip makeup I got and the 3 blushes she sent me. My sister knows how much pink colours suit me so she mostly sent me pink makeup haha, anyways I like the light shades of pink because I feel they make my makeup look very natural and I don't look like I am wearing makeup so first up I will talk about the 3 blushes. Two of them are from natural collections and other is a sleek cream blush (which is gorgeous) Out of the two natural collection blushes I say I prefer the shade peach melba as it is a more subtle colour and blends in better, where as dusty pink looks better as an eye shadow. The Sleek blush is my favourite out of all 3 because it's a cream and it blends in easily and when you build up the colour on your cheeks it still looks natural and not a bright ugly pink, it has a nice gold tint to it which glistens in the sun light (making you look like you belong in twilight! ok I am joking) But I really do recommend all 3 of these blushes.

1. Sleek gold rose 
2. Natural collections dusty pink 
3. Natural collections peach melba

Lip colours!! Now i really like lip stains and lip glosses a bit more than I love lipstick, my sister sent me quite a few of them in the beauty box and I did some swatches on 5 of them, which are Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain, Gosh on stage cool lip jam, Elf lip stain pink petal, wetnwild mega sticks lip gloss and Eyeko pretty London portobello. I will just cut to the chase I didn't like the Eyeko lip gloss and wetnwild lip gloss as much as I liked Gosh, my reason being is I found it  it came off too fast (eyeko) and the wetnwild lipgloss smells horrid, where as the other too felt nicer and lasted longer on my lips. Out of the 5 of these, my favourite products were the lip stains, they last for ages and look great and when they fade they still look nice. I don't think a darker shade lip stain would suit me so much, not as much as a dark lipstick does.

1. Revlon just bitten kissable balm stain
2. Gosh on stage cool lip jam
3.  Elf lip stain pink petal
4. wetnwild mega sticks lip gloss 
5. Eyeko pretty london portobello

Does anyone have any of these blushers or lipglosses/ lip stains? tell me what you think of them