Clearasil Perfectawash Dispenser & Refill Face Wash

I have had such bad skin lately so i did a bit of research on different face wash and skin products. I haven't used Clearasil in years but i thought i would check out what products they are doing these days, i eventually came across the Clearasil PerfectaWash Dispenser & Refill Face Wash and thought it looked really good. But before diving in and buying it i decided to do my research and see what other people thought of it and if they recommended it, which i was pleased to see they did. The thing i like about it is the dispenser it comes with and that i don't have to squeeze face wash out of a bloody bottle! I ordered this yesterday so it should be here sometime soon hopefully,  i didn't want to pay the full price of £12.99 so i got it for £4.99 from Fragrance Direct.

✿ ✿ 

This is what Clearasil says about it's product:
"The right amount of the right product is key to visibly clearer skin without overdrying. Introducing Clearasil® PerfectaWash™. The Automatic Face Wash Dispenser delivers the perfect dose of strength & kindness for visibly clearer skin without over drying."

  • Touch-free automatic face wash dispenser delivers the perfect dose of strength and kindness.
  • Contains Vitamin E known to nourish skin and extracts of raspberry & cranberry superfruit know for their antioxidant properties to help keep skin looking healthy.
  • Dermatologist tested.

This product comes with two different face washes Superfruit and soothing plant, i think i will end up liking the soothing plant one more just because it sounds more to my liking. Superfruit Splash formula features raspberry and cranberry extracts for a luscious scent and gentle but effective cleanse but Soothing Plant Extracts formula features ingredients known to nourish and soothe the skin. I would prefer my skin to be soothed and cleansed at the same time but apparently each one does one of these things. The refills are £2 each at Boots, so they are lovely and cheap for you to replace.

✿ ✿ 

Once i have used it for a few weeks i will let you all know what i think of it, or if i recommend it myself. I am actually really excited about getting it, so fingers crossed it lives up to the hype! I would also like to say thank you to my lovely followers i have 41 now and i never thought anyone would read my blog, also thank you to my sister Stefi for taking the time to do my layout and redesign everything, be sure to check her out.

My week in pictures instagram #4

This week has been a long one, i have the most horrible cold ever i thought my nose was going to drop off but alas it is fine, i am slowly getting over it now. I been trying to get fresh air in order to get over it and cool down because i am beyond boiling with this stupid cold! This week i have been finishing off my two beauty boxes and going shopping for my mums birthday present which was fun, Here is my week in pictures:

1. Cutest lights from a shop in Fowey called Reed's of Fowey // 2. walking around Reed's of Fowey taking pictures of myself in the mirror! // 3. Fowey!! // 4. i dyed the tips of my hair purple and i love it now! // 5. I brought this ear cuff from Clairs Accessories for £4.50 i think it looks nice // 6. Every time i go out i seem to end up with business cards // 7. in love with collection 2000 foundations at the moment cheap and cheerful. // 8. When i was in Fowey i finally got my mum her birthday present, i hope she likes it. // 9. Tkmaxx is literally a god send at times, i went in there to pic up something for the beauty boxes and found these Rimmel stay glossy lip glosses all for £6, one on its own is normally that price bloody bargain! 

                                  ✿ ✿ 

10. The best sausage and chips ever! // 11. Mevagissey //  12. I need this bag in my life, seriously i do! //  13.  Penni fluff face just woke up. //  14.  Gizzy is the funniest fluffy bum ever, she just lays there like this. // 15. Penni and Gizzy basically take over chairs (sorry for so many cat pictures) // 16. My mum let me borrow her blue cardigan, it's over sized and so comfy. // 17. I love wearing my in love with fashion dress with my fake leather jacket. // 18. I use to plait my hair around the bottom of my head and wear it on the side all the time, so i thought i would wear it that way today.

                                  ✿ ✿ 

I would say that I've actually had a lovely week besides being ill, i think this weekend i will be cleaning my room because i have a floordrobe and my mum is going to end up killing me if i don't clean it.. she is a clean freak! Also one last thing, if you guys have beauty products you don't need you can do a swap or sell or even do box swaps here: Beauty box swaps it's a Facebook group that may come in very handy for you all! 

Favourite mascaras

I had a huge collection of mascaras not long ago, most of which were dried up or rubbish, so i got rid of them and kept the ones i use and like best. I am a terrible hoarder when it come's to mascaras, is anyone else the same? I think it's because i like to experiment with them but each of the ones i have kept have different brushes and all give my lashes different effects, so here are my favourites:
 Benefit They're real! // I have the small size, i think it's called travel sized not sure but it's cheaper then the normal size.
 Collection 2000 supersize mascara // I love collection 2000 and i have grown very fond of their mascaras, not only are they super cheap but this mascara makes my lashes look longer.
 Eyeko big eyes mascara // my sister stefi sent me this mascara and i love using it after using my benefit mascara, it makes my lashes look fuller on top of the benefit mascara.
 Mememe Fat cat mascara // this mascara i have shown lots on my page, i love how thick the brush is and that it doesn't clump, it's a must have mascara for me.
Collection 2000 skylash mascara // ok as i said before i love collection 2000, this one is meant to lengthen your lashes but i find it seperates each of my lashes making them look natural  my lashes are blonde so when i wear this is looks like my lashes are natural with no mascara on.
Maybelline Colossal Mascara // i have used this one ever since it has come out and it's my favourite out of the whole of my mascara collection.

Steam cream and Ayuuri natural cream

Both steam cream and Ayuuri natural are face creams, the steam cream I got from a beauty advent calendar and the Ayuuri cream I got from a glossy box. I love both of these face creams, they both do their jobs in moisturising and both hydrate my skin and leave it feeling soft. Steam cream is ALL the same but it comes in tins which you can collect, the tin I have is called Fiore and is limited edition. It is suitable for all skin types and is very thick so you don't need to use much, I have used it loads and its lasted me a while.

Ayuuri cream is more of a lighter cream and feels very watery compared to steam cream but it spreads very far with just a little bit. The cream I have is the Sandalwood face cream which is meant to be re hydrating and revitalizing which it is! The Ayuuri creams are a natural skin care range based on the traditional fruit, plant and flower extracts of Ayurveda, which India have used for centuries to make their skin naturally beautiful. It has a very woody smell which does put me off a bit, but I can put up with the smell because the cream works really well.

The cream i like most out of the both would be the steam cream, only because i like the smell better, they both do their jobs as well as each other.

Gizzy's adventure #2

I have done a blog about taking Gizzy in the garden before where we used to live in Liskeard, but we moved ages ago from there and Gizzy is still wearing the same harness which is for kittens up to 6 months old. Gizzy has never really grown since she was 6 months old and has always stayed small, but she makes up for it by eating everything and chasing me around for my butternut squash muffin! I know a lot of people are wondering why i take her in the garden on a harness and don't just let her out, i do this because we first had Penni who is a Bengal cat and she is worth a fair bit of money, we refused to let her out and she has become an indoors cat. She is really scared of even going near an open door to the outside world. But Gizzy on the other hand was let out as a kitten so she is use to the outside world and i know if i let her out she would run away and never come back so she is an indoors cat too. So that's why i let her out on the harness to explore for a bit and enjoy the sun.

I hope you're all having a lovely day, i am going to enjoy the sun here in St Austell!

My week in pictures (so far) #3 instagram

Because Chris will be here on Saturday I decided to my week in pictures early, I have been really busy this week. I cleaned my whole room, it was so dusty that I went sneeze mad when I cleaned it, then I had to pack (which I still haven't finished) I am kind of one of those people who will pack too much stuff, I will only be gone for two weeks but I need outfits planned out and shoes to match, I'm fussy like that. Also need to choose what makeup to take argh such a big choice because I am always swapping foundations, mascaras etc. I will be staying in a beautiful lodge with Chris, just me and him spending time together so we can sort ourselves out and spend time alone. I haven't seen him since December/January and I have really missed him, even though we are both huge twats to each other I miss him and I am nervous. Anyways I will be gone for two weeks but I have some blog posts lined up that I will be posting whilst I am gone so it will feel like I haven't gone anywhere. I'm sure I won't be bored at the lodge, I will be taking my ps3 and a selection of games (Chris is bringing some too) and I have my iPad, movies, and Chris to keep me entertained. I hardly ever miss the internet when he is around unless I want to kill him because he won't get off a game. I am going to miss my mum's cooking and Gizzy and Penni though, I know two weeks isn't long but I love their fluffy little faces and having them come sit with me. Anyways here are my pictures:
1. I really wanted a polaroid camera so my stepdad sold me this one for £5, lucky enough I can buy film from amazon for £18.99 which aren't bad! //2. Gizzy randomly started to sit like this and I was in hysterics and had to take a picture. //3. How cute is penni poking her little face out! //4. I know lot's of people say you should use the same brand shampoo and conditioner for your head but I like to mix mine. //5. Me, I like this picture. //6. I think my jacket from asda goes really well with my H&M dress. //7. My nails match my blue engagement ring (not that you can see the colour of it) //8. Gizzy's cute smiley face. //9. Penni being a lion.

 As you can tell I am obsessed with cats, I was thinking of making a cat blogger for daily pictures of my cat's and my sister Stefi's cat's, it would be super cute! Maybe she can do little drawings of them that people can click on so that you can read about each kitty. Also, my sister will be on my blogger posting stuff on my behalf, so if I don't reply to comments it's because it's not me. One last thing is hopefully in the up and coming weeks I will be doing two box swaps, one with Renu from My Beauty Junction and also one with my sister Stefi, even though we are always sending each other boxes we decided to do a proper box swap. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you all in two weeks!