My week in pictures #2 instagram.

I have actually had a pretty crap week but everything is slowly getting better which i am pleased about. The other day i went to get my nose piercing changed and ended up fainting like the big idiot i am! I hadn't been feeling well and i probably should of waited to get it change but o well, i brought 3 nose studs for £5 in case i end up losing one (which is most likely) i could of got one for £3 but i didn't see the point. Also Happy Easter everyone, i know a lot of people don't even celebrate it but still i hope you all have a lovely day. I use to love Easter as a kid my parents would buy all me and my sisters Easter clothes and lots of different kinds of eggs, some of which we could decorate ourselves, which we loved! I really miss being little again and not having a care in the world, i'm still a big kid at heart though.
1. I got Bioshock Infinite, this made me super happy!! Thank you Chris for it!/ 2. Penni was being a big baby and kept hiding under my mums bed throw, she is a cutie./ 3. After i had my nose piercing changed i went to Costa with my step dad and nan and got a yummy hot chocolate./ 4. I met the most beautiful dog ever!!! A chow chow, he was so big and fluffy./ 5. My mum came home with these cute butterfly magnets.. so tempted to steal them./ 6. No drought lush dry shampoo is my life saver!/ 7. I woke up to find her looking at me with the biggest eyes ever! Who couldn't love Penni./ 8. I found Gizzy in the bath, she hates baths it's so weird./ 9. My purple bits in my hair seem to be turning blue.
I got two Easter eggs this year, although one is more an Easter bunny, I'm not a big chocolate Easter but i love Thorntons chocolate!

Happy Easter once again everyone!

Nice day out in Padstow.

Today i decided to pop out with my parents, my step dad's sister and his mum. We decided to go to Padstow as there was a market going on there today and i wanted to walk around Padstow seeing as i haven't been there since September when Chris was here. My dress came today, i love it, it's super cute and fits perfectly so i wore it out instead of my studied dress. It wasn't that cold out today though which i was happy about because i hate having to wrap up really warm. I really wanted to wear my bowler hat today but alas it was windy so i had to wear another hat, i had such bad hair so a hat was really needed. Anyways i saw a really nice ring for Chris today so i decided to buy him it along with a rubix cube because he loves them and can solve them really fast, unlike me i fail at them.

Also was wondering if you guys could check out Katie, she is new too blogger and would appreciate it if you could all check out her blog. (click on her name to go directly to her blog).

My week in pictures #1 Instagram

I haven't been out much this week, i haven't been feeling too well and too much rubbish has been happening, also the weather has been a bit shit (sorry for swearing), it rained for days and we had flooding in Cornwall. It was a good thing it didn't effect me in St Austell. I'm going to get my nose stud changed sometime next week finally and hopefully i will be feeling better next week because Chris is coming here and i am really excited! I have to go food shopping sometimes next week though for our cottage, one thing i despise doing because people always stand around talking in the middle of the aisle and they can clearly see people want to get past! But enough of my ranting here are my pictures:
1. My glossyboxes are so handy i have filled 4 of them up with eye shadows/nail varnishes and varies other bits of makeup/2. My parents got me and my sisters these lindt bunnies and they taste yummy with a nice cup of tea!/3. These are my two favourite shades of red nail varnish/4. I love wearing baggy jumpers with dresses i think they look cute!/5. My mum randomly brought these super cute magnets i really want them/6. I found this app called imadeface and i decided to make me but with purple hair, it's a pretty cool app.

The Creative Blog Award

Thank you to my lovely sister Stefi for nominated my blog for a creative blog award
The rules:
 Thank the blogger and link back their blog
Write 3 things about yourself.
2 things people might not know about you
 1 thing you would want to change about yourself.
Answer the questions asked by the tagger
Nominate this award to deserving blogs
Ask your nominees some questions of your choice.
Inform your nominees about their award.

3 Things about me
I once won a poetry contest in primary school called "the magic box" and it got put in the news letter.
I hate mushrooms, i hate every think about them and i will never eat one.
I don't like pie.

2 Things people might not know about me
I am an only child between my mum and dad, all my sisters are half but i don't treat them as half sisters.
I have very weak ankles and fall over in heels, but i'm ok wearing wedges.

1 thing i would change
I would love to not have my heart condition, it causes me a lot of stress and i hate it.

Stefi's questions

What's the most selfless thing you have ever done?
Pulling my sister Stefi out of the bath when she had an epileptic fit

  You're going to a fancy dress party, who would you go as?
I would go as an assassin from Assassins Creed!

 Do you have any odd habits, if yes what is it?
I go around pushing in chairs, i hate them not being pushed in.

Blogs i have nominated
Lucy Loves Beauty
Beauty Queen Uk
Blue Violet Hearts
Fashion Rocks My Socks
Lucy Cole
Mummy Fever
Carly Watts
Sparkle with Laughter

If i haven't nominated you it's not because i don't think your blog is creative, lot's of people i follow have
been nominated before but i like to be different in which types of blogs i choose

Questions for my nominees 
Do you think it is important to have an education these days?
What is your favourite meal?
Would you prefer a cozy night in or a night on the town?
Would you say that you're a chilled back person?
Favourite product of the month?


Empties #1

I have got rid of soooo much stuff lately, most of it was either out of date or I no longer used it. I gave self the task of using the rest of the stuff I do have left so my room isn't full of beauty products, well except the ones I do need like deodorant or shaving gel etc... So here are my empties:

1. Nivea harmony time: I love bubble baths and this is one of my favourites, it leaves my skin soft and doesn't bring me out in a rash like others I have used (my skin is extremely sensitive sometimes). I recommend using this is your bath before bed time, it relaxed me so much.

2. Soft & gentle extra fresh deodorant: my mum buys all my deodorants and this is by far the one I have liked the most. The fragrance is lotus and watermelon, it's so fruity and nice! Also, this one gives very good protection against sweating and leaves my armpits feeling fresh for hours.

3. Women sure long lasting protection: the main reason why I like this deodorant is because it lasts for hours even when it's warm, that's why I have such a big bottle because I use it so much. It says this deodorant has a motion sense system, it contains microcapsules which are activated when you move, releasing little bursts of freshness throughout the day. The downside of this is the smell, I don't like it much.

4. Satin care shaving gel: I'm always using this brand of gel, it leaves my skin feeling smooth and has a lovely lather which leaves my skin soft as well as smooth, this one has an avocado twist which is a nice smell considering I hate the taste of avocado.

5. Yardley London royal English daisy body spray: I love this body spray, I don't know how to describe the small but it makes you want to keep wearing it, I'm not sure how much it costs as I got it in a beauty advent calendar so I might get some more.

6. La richè directions in lavender: as everyone knows I had purple hair and now it's brown and purple, I have about 3 empty tubs of this for when I brighten up my purple bits. I'm using crazy colour now seeing as I've run out of directions.

7. Missha SPF27/ PA++: this BB cream my sister gave me and I tried my best not to use it all but I've finished now. I really do love it, it does come out watery but not much if I shake it well. I'm going to find out where I can get more of this!!

8. The body shop illuminating face base: another product my sister gave me, I like using this sometimes on its own, yes I know it's a face base but it looks more like a tinted foundation which I like.

9. Natural collection coverup stick: it's cheap and wonderful and matches my skin! If you're on a budget I recommend it.


Tescos skin range

Tesco's have a few own brands for skin care and I have a few of them. I have these cheap ones because they actually do work well on my sensitive skin and they are a good price. I have two different face washes and two different cleansers. Each have their own pros and cons and I like to switch using them now and then as my skin decides if I use a certain product on my skin it won't work for it any more. I think both face wash and cleansers are under a £1 each, so they are meant to be good value for money.

Face wash:
 I like the squeezy bottles that they use for the face washes, they both come out easily and both have a fair amount in each bottle, the design on the bottles are simple and say exactly what they are. The cucumber face wash smells better than the Vitamin E face wash but i think that's because it has Cucumbers in and i like the small of them. 
Both face washes look exactly the same, the both have are a clear gel but i found that the Cucumber face wash has more of a lather than the vitamin E one, and it got rid of more make up/dirt on my face. But the vitamin E one left my skin feeling lovely and soft where as the Cucumber face wash left it feeling more like there was product left on my face, even though i had washed it completely off. I would say over all i like the cucumber face wash most, but i prefer the softness that the vitamin E one leaves on my skin. Both of these face washes tend to make me break out every now and then.

The cleansers have the exact same packaging as the face washes but the only different is the bottle, they bottle they use for the cleansers you have to pour the product out instead of squirting it out, which i hate because too much comes out when i pour it! As always i like the smell of the cucumber cleanser best, it comes out much thicker than the Vitamin E one and takes more dirt off of my face. No matter how much i shake the vitamin E cleanser it always comes out watery which is horrid on my skin and just feels yucky. Surprisingly the cleanser leaves my face softer than the vitamin E cleanser unlike the face washes. I don't get any breakouts when i use either of these cleansers unlike the face washes.

So after testing both the vitamins E face wash and cleanser and the Cucumber face wash and cleanser the overall winner is the Cucumber, not only do i like the packaging the most the smell and cleanser make it the winner!

Banana Loaf

My mum ALWAYS cooks banana loaf (she is a wonderful cook) She uses Jeaneete Orrey's recipe from the cook book The dinner lady. Yes i admit it, i was lazy and didn't help her but i was taking pictures! In some of the pictures you can see muffins, they are butternut squash muffins my mum made earlier.

This loaf is ideal for us at school because you just have to slice it to serve. Bananas are great for energy, as well, just what the children need after working hard all morning. You could also ice this (add a little vanilla essence to the icing), if you like.

Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F/Gas 4
2 ripe bananas: Peel the bananas then crush with a fork.
175g (6oz) butter or margarine 1.3kg (3lb)/175g (6oz) caster sugar 1.3kg (3lb)
Beat together the butter or margarine and sugar.
3 eggs/225g (8oz) self-raising flour 2.7kg (6lb)/½ teaspoon baking powder 2 tablespoons: then add the eggs alternately with the flour and baking powder.
½ teaspoon vanilla essence 2 tablespoons/½ teaspoon ground cinnamon 2 tablespoons.
Fold in the crushed banana, vanilla essence and cinnamon with the mixture from the other bowl.
Pour the mixture into a greased 450g (1lb) tin (or a cake case)
1 banana for decoration (optional ) for the top of the loaf.
Bake in the preheated oven for about 40 minutes. Cool slightly (then turn on to a wire tray if you only creased the tin) if you put it in a cake case like my mum you won't need to put it on a wire tray. When cool, slice.

So that's how my mum makes it, give it a go!

TV picks

I decided to do a post about the TV shows i am currently enjoying and one's that i don't want to have to wait months to watch again. I watch them mostly online because some of them are american and get shown here later and i can't be bothered to wait, so here they are.

1. True Blood: First of all i never EVER wanted to watch this show, people had told me about it and it put me off. Until one day i was bored out of my brain and decided to see what all the fuss was about. I got so addicted to it i watch all the episodes over a number of weeks! Also Eric is pretty hot, i would say he is hotter than Bill and as for sooki she annoys me a lot... I plan on getting the books because apparently they are better.

2. Call the midwife: I love this show, i love everything about it! Me and my parents site down every Sunday to watch it. But unfortunately the series has ended and i have to wait until Christmas time for the new ones. By the way, this is an english programme but i am sure if you want to watch it you can find a stream online. I took the description of it off of imdb so you can get an idea of what it is about:

Based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth; the story follows twenty-two year old Jenny, who in 1957 leaves her comfortable home to become a midwife in London's East End slums. She expects to find a hospital, and is surprised to find that the clinic is a convent: Nonnatus House. Working alongside her fellow nurses and the medically-trained nuns, Jenny has her eyes opened to the harsh living conditions. But she also discovers the warm hearts and the bravery of the mothers; each one a heroine in Jenny's eyes.

3. Broadchurch: I have just started to watch it, it is very well produced and put together, the story is based around a 11 year old boy who has been murdered, but the murder was made to look like an accident. I can't say too much in case people are wanting to watch it and they don't know what's happened yet, but it's a good English drama.

4. The walking dead: I LOVE the walking dead, seriously it is one of the best zombie programmes/movies i have watched, the acting isn't so bad either. But if you want to watch a good horror programme the walking dead is a good pick, it had action, romance, drama and horror all mixed in one! Also the game is pretty good on PS3 as well, they each come as a series just like the programme.

5. Lightfields: This is a good english thriller is is set in three different eras and is 1944,1975 and 2012. It is actually a follow up from the programme Marchlands which was also set in 3 different eras. I honestly can't give too much away because i have only seen two episodes so far and if i say too much it will ruin it for people who want to see it.

6. The Carrie diaries  I have seen 8 episodes of this online (i think they are the only ones that have been aired) it is suppose to be about Carrie from sex and the city when she was younger and about how her mum died of cancer, but some of the story line doesn't match what Carrie says in sex and the city. But either way i enjoyed the episodes i saw.

7. Pramface: This is another english programme, about a boy who happens to get an older girl pregnant and it shows how they cope with the situation, it is such a funny programme (it's a fictional programme) It's one of the few programmes that i watch that makes me laugh. 

What programmes do you all watch?

My March Glossybox arrived

I had to wait to get it because i had missed it being delivered yesterday, so i stayed in today to wait around for it. But anyways the box refused to open so i had to cut it open grrr! I'm not sure i am happy with this box, i would say it felt more like a valentines box because of the red nail varnish and pink lip blush. Also i don't really use hair spray, i hate that it sticks to your scalp so i try and not use it, i think the one thing i am happy about is the nail varnish i got. The box also came with a little travelling book which has stickers inside and information about holiday destinations also it came with the normal information about the products inside the box.

  As i said before i don't really like using hairspray so i will most probably give the hair spray away. Couture La La has a nice smell to it but i don't think it would be a perfume that i would buy.
 This Nails Inc London nail varnish is actually a nice shade of red and even though it's in a tiny bottle i'm sure it will last me. I am glad i got a sample size of the Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream, because if i had got a full size and not liked it then it would of been a waste.
I am really annoyed with this Jelly Pong Pong! I pulled the lid off and the colour stick inside fell out and onto the floor!! So now i can't even try it out, what a waste. I don't know if i really want to continue getting glossybox... But on a lighter note, Gizzy found that the glossybox box was a good place to sit, she looks so funny!!!