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Friday, 16 February 2018

How I Clean my Gamepads.

There are things people never think to keep clean arent always the most obvious items since James handed me his old gamepads to try and clean I have tried a number of ways to get the dirt off of them. Most people think they don't need to clean their gamepads if they don't eat whilst using them but they can still get extremely dirty and harvest bacteria just like a keyboard would. I asked on twitter once the best way to clean controllers and had a mixed lot of answers so went out of my way to find my own answers. Gamepads come in different colours they do tend to fade over time so you want to use something that won't destroy them but clean them well at the same time.

Given James and I are the only ones who use the controllers in this house but we still need to keep them clean, we wash our hands after all so why shouldn't we make sure other things we use with our hands are clean. I have a number of different gamepads I use which are mostly all blue as is my favourite colour, lucky for me they haven't faded but they do need a good clean which I did with both my blue PS4 and black PS4 gamepad today. So for this, you will need:

  • Rubbing Alcohol (or Hydrogen Peroxide)
  • Cotton Buds
  • Toothpick
  • Empty spray bottle
  • Dusting cloth
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Baby wipes

The reason I put Rubbing alcohol or Hydrogen Peroxide is that both can work, you will need to water down the rubbing alcohol so it's 50 parts water and 50 parts rubbing alcohol and pour it into the spray bottle, with the hydrogen peroxide it's usually watered down a lot for you anyways but if you're worried that it's still too strong you can water it down further. Please remember that a gamepad is electronic so make sure it's turned off and no longer synced with the console so you don't accidentally turn the console on whilst cleaning it, I suggest you go into settings and unpair it or unplug the console. You can open up the controller and take off the shell to give it a deep clean or carry on with the shell still on the controller.

First up what I did was use the dusting cloth to get of any dust on the surface of the controller then I used the toothpick to go around the edges of the controller to get the tough dried in dirt which gets stuck there when gaming, sometimes the trigger grooves will need cleaning out with a toothpick too, some people prefer to use a toothbrush to clean the grooves but a toothpick works just as well.

 Before using a toothpick

 After one go of using the toothpick

Now using a cotton bud sprayed with the solution rub around the joysticks and buttons and around the grooves which you cleaned out with a toothpick and trigger buttons clean gently but thoroughly making sure the dirt lifts up. If you use thumb grips be sure to take them off and clean the joysticks and thumb grips separately.

Then lastly, spray your solution onto a microfibre cloth, there are two sides to them usually a rough and a soft side, don't use the rough side it will be far too rough on the shell of your controller use the softer side, this should disinfect the controller and give it an overall clean. If you want to make sure it's kept clean each tie you use the gamepad, keep some baby wipes near you and give it a wipe over.

It's a pretty simple way to clean them, it does take some time but it's worth it if you want to keep your gamepad from having a buildup of dirt which will eventually ruin the shell of the controller, you don't have to do it the same way as me, this is just how I do it so please bear that in mind.

Elle May



italktogh0sts said...

This actually reminds me to do mine. Oh lord. you'd think someone who cleans offices for a living would remember to clean her own controllers. hahaha. I also really want to try customising one of mine too.

Jess xo

Elle May said...

Hahaha! I wanna customise mine too I want the blue controller to have silver buttons xx

Vikki // said...
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Vikki // said...

(Ah I pressed the wrong thing and my comment deleted.)

Just wanted to say this is a great post as our controllers seem to get really gross. I'm going to use your tips and have a good clean this weekend. :D

What would you recommend using on a WiiU screen? I use a damp microfiber cloth and then wipe it with a dry one.

Elle May said...

Haha its ok lovely I would carry on using a microfiber cloth still they seem to be the kost gentle xx