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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

The Copper IUD & Me

A while back I did a post on the Mirena coil and why I chose to have it removed, since then I came to find out that hormonal contraceptives don't work for me if anything, they make me ill and left me with awful side effects. The only choice I ended up having left was the copper coil as it's a hormone-free contraceptive, when the doctor spoke to me about it I was worried because of how wrong the Mirena went for me. For those who don't know I developed a chronic boob pain due to the Mirena but worst of all, it had started to embed itself into my uterus. I was having such bad pains from the Mirena and kept going back to the doctors to try and have it removed.

Unfortunately, they didn't let me  have it removed before 9 months as you need to give it time to settle (apparently) I knew something wasn't right because I know my own body, so when I finally went to have it removed they discovered it had moved into my uterus wall and had become stuck. I don't want this post to try and scare others because all our bodies are different and I'm sick of people using scare tactics to stop over women using contraceptives just because they didn't work for them. I just want people to know that sometimes these things do go wrong and I was lucky enough that mine hadn't gone too far into my uterus wall. Anyways back to the copper coil, I've been shitting myself about getting it done because I didn't want to go through all the pain I did last time but the gynecologist reassured me that if I have any problems I can just book an appointment to check that it was all in place and hadn't moved so that helped my anxiety a lot. 

The copper coil I have lasts for 10 years, there are other types of the Copper coil but I have and I have the T- Safe CU 380A QL, I'm allowed to have it removed whenever I want in that time frame which is good, Copper is toxic to sperm. It makes the uterus and fallopian tubes produce fluid that kills sperm. I'm not going to lie, it hurt like hell having it put in, I did get given the option of having a numbing spray or a numbing injection but decided to see how I went, it was all over very quickly but when It was being inserted I kept sliding my bum up the bed trying to get away from it, don't do that it makes the pain worse! I sat on my hands so that I could relax a little better, it's what I do when I have my ECGs at the hospital so I thought I would see if it helped whilst having the coil inserted and luckily it did. I bled, a lot but bleeding is normal, you did just have a foreign objected inserted in you after all! Whilst I was laying on the table I shouted "that fucking hurt" and the nurse and gynaecologist both laughed and said it's Ok then I fainted, I don't do pain and my bodies automatic reaction to it is too faint. When I came round I laid there for a little while longer before getting off the bed and putting my clothes back on the bottom half of me. 

As soon as I got home I realised the bleeding had got heavier and the next day I discovered that the coil had actually brought on my period early. It was the worst period I had ever experienced I already knew that the copper coil can make periods heavier and longer but I don't think I was prepared for how bad my first one would be. It had brought on my period a week early and they usually last 3 days, over the years my periods went from a full week to 3 days so to go back to having one for 7 days was shitty, to say the least. My periods make my NCS a lot worse so I was prepared to feel like crap, but my cramps are less painful today and my period has nearly stopped so I feel a lot more relaxed and happier. I asked James to get me some chocolate because I was feeling so rubbish and he came home with a giant Galaxy bar for me, I feel as if I could do with a nice hamper box full of food treats for myself like the ones from *Wow Box Me who are offering your first month free which you can find here.

There is one difference I have already experienced, when I had the Mirena I was having bad pains from the moment it was put in until I finally had it removed, with the copper coil I haven't had any of the same pains and it's made me a lot less anxious about this one moving and getting stuck! I'm hoping that this coil doesn't go wrong and that I'm able to use it to protect me from getting pregnant, I know it seems a little silly to be using a contraceptive that makes my periods heavier but if it stops pregnancy occurring until I'm ready than I'm more than happy to use it. I'm still very anxious about what happened with the Mirena but I'm trying to look at it as "what are the chances of it happening twice?".  For any of my followers who want to get the coil please don't let other people's stories put you off, our bodies are all different and we all react in a different way to things, choose what you're most comfortable with.

Update: since writing this I've developed vertigo due to the copper coil. This can be a side effect of having the copper coil I'm hoping it eventually stops but I'm on medication for it right now.

Elle May

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Stephanie said...

I really don't want to be on the birth control pill anymore because of how much it affects my hormones, but I'm too scared of having the coil haha. I'm really considering going back to condoms to avoid having my hormones messed with

Steph -

Elle May said...

Do what's best for you lovely, if you're not happy with them stop. I can understand why the coil scares you too but just make sure you're being super safe with condoms (which I'm sure you will do)

Unknown said...

Me and my boyfriend have gone back to just using condoms as the pill has a lot of bad side effects for me and I refuse to have the coil, just the thought of it makes me shudder lol

Sarah @ Raiin Monkey said...

Thanks for sharing this post :) It was really interesting to read about your experiences with the coil, both the Mirena and the copper one. The only knowledge I had about the coil came from information leaflets and people's 'horror' stories about them, so it was great to learn more. I hope the copper coil goes better for you than the Mirena, and that your vertigo goes away soon! x

Sarah | Raiin Monkey

Elle May said...

Thank you lovely I try not to scare others instead I would rather educate them. There is SO much negativity surrounding contraception lately I'm glad I can speak out about it and explain these things do have downsides but they also have upsides xx