Fresh Rose Face Mask.

Thursday, 28 April 2016

A few weeks back I applied to get my free sample of one of Fresh's face masks, it is a decent size and has surprisingly a nice amount of product in. Fresh are a cruelty-free brand, you can buy a 100ml pot for £60 which is a bit pricey for me yet it I love it and would love to try more of it! This is a gel asked face mask with rose petals inside, the gel is made to cool your skin and hydrate it, this face mask is great for those with sensitive skin as it's such a gentle face mask. It is also perfect for people who want the appearance of their skin to look better, mine is very red and sometimes can look sore but since using this the redness has gone down a lot.

Main ingredients:

  • Cucumber Extract and Aloe Vera Gel
  • Pure Rosewater and Rose Petals 
  • Green Tea
  • Porphyrydium Cruentum 
The face mask smell is strong but it doesn't put me off, the gel itself doesn't feel like a gel it feels more creamy than anything. It's not too thick or watery it's actually a nice consistency, when I applied it to my face is spread well and I didn't need to put a thick layer on (you can't really tell it's on your face), the little pot can last up to 10 uses, so far I've used it 3 times and still have a nice amount left. As I have sensitive skin I was worried about how this would effect mine, I tend to break out in a rash a lot of the time with products so I was nervous about using this. Thankfully this mask didn't give me a nasty rash, in fact it made me skin feel very fresh and soft (as well as helping some redness), I'm not sure if it's helped it in any other way other than that, I tend to use this mask when I'm feeling a bit grubby, a nice fresh face always makes me feel perkier. My favourite thing about the mask is that you can actually see the rose petals in it, it makes a nice change to use something so different like this, I'm not sure if I will ever be brave enough to buy a full size product of this just because it's so pricey and I can't justify buying it, but I will defiantly finish my sample put of it.

Elle x