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Friday, 18 March 2016

An interview with Kelly//MYFAIRPIXEL.

As a person who has always supported artists and smaller businesses I wanted to do an interview with a blogger, artist and a wonderful girl who always brightens up my day with her art, tweets and blog posts, Her name is Kelly she lives in the South West of England, her artwork has a witchy artist and illustrator style to it (she explains more about what her style of art is below). I have been speaking to Kelly on twitter a while now and her artwork is beautiful and unique.

An interview with Kelly//MYFAIRPIXEL

Have you always loved art?
Yes, for as long as I can remember! I was that kid that was always drawing and telling everyone I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, haha. Even when my parents and teachers were trying to persuade me to aim for a more “academic” career I still had to keep my art classes for my own happiness. I’m glad I stuck by that because now I’m fortunate enough to be able to sell my artwork and be commissioned by wonderful people!

Where does your inspiration come from?
Oh so many places! There are all the wonderful people in the #cbloggers community who create amazing things, there are also some amazing tattoo artists that I follow on Instagram. Some of my other inspirations include Tarot cards, witchy culture & nature!

What is your take on people using your art without your permission?
It’s so tricky for me. I’m a very shy and quiet person so I’m not the best at standing up for myself, though I am improving! It has happened a couple of times on Instagram where I will see my artwork on other accounts without proper accreditation, I normally just comment on the post politely but sternly telling them to remove the image and letting them know why it’s wrong. The majority of people I have had to contact have been very apologetic and don’t do it again, so that makes me believe that they may be young and don’t know that it is wrong to do. Thankfully I haven’t had any of my artwork knowingly stolen by another person or company yet, and I sincerely hope that never happens.

How important is art in your life?
It’s gotten to a point now that I can’t imagine not having art in my life in some form or another. Being able to create my own artwork is the best feeling for me as it makes me proud and calms me down when I’m particularly stressed. I also love viewing and reading about other’s artwork or going to exhibitions and museums.

What kind of style do you consider your art to be?
Oh, I’m not entirely sure! Since I take inspiration from tattoos, engravings & witchy culture it has kinda become an amalgamation of all those things! Lots of beautiful dark ink, dot work & details!

If you could give anyone advice on wanting to get better at art what would it be?
The most overused advice in the world: to keep practicing, haha! It honestly is the best way to progress in any art form, the more you practice the better you will become. However, I also think that you need to self-reflect and evaluate your work all the time too! To ask yourself “What do I need to improve?” and “How have I improved since the last piece?”, this will help guide your practice into the direction you want to go and can act as a record for how far you’ve come!

What is your favourite piece of artwork?
Currently it’s my Lunar Hare illustration! It features a Hare, some bones and lots of geometric shapes & dot work. I was really pleased with how it all flowed together and how creepy but cute the Hare looks, haha! This illustration and a couple of my other favourite ones will be available as prints and on t-shirts soon too which I’m really excited for!

Besides art, what are your other hobbies?
I play a lot of video games on my computer (I may be slightly addicted to Stardew Valley right now haha!), and I watch a lot of Letsplays on YouTube & streamers on Twitch. I also collect Tarot and Oracle decks which I love to read with!

If you could meet any artist who would it be and why?
Oh it would definitely be Audra Auclair! She’s an amazing artist based in Canada who create the most beautiful artwork & illustrations on her YouTube channel. Not only do I really enjoy her artwork, I also think she’s a lovely person and we have a lot interests in common. It would be a dream come true to meet her one day!

Check out her speedink video of one of her illustrations:

Check Kelly out:

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