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Thursday, 4 February 2016

Unique chocolate Valentine's gifts.

This is going to be a short post today, as I'm not feeling too good. I love chocolate but I love unique looking chocolate even more. Sometimes it's nice for someone to go out of their way to give you a gift that's a little different, even if that gift is chocolate and a little more expensive! I probably should cut down on the amount of chocolate I eat, I've tried to quit it once before but let's face it, it's yummy and addictive so I may as well enjoy it. Here are just a few yummy unique treats I have come across on Not On The Highstreet:

These Chocolates are £10 and made from Belgian white chocolate which is tinted with pastel colours and tiny gold hearts, they're not gluten free and may contain traces of nuts. I think they're a great idea and quirky for chocolates for Valentine's day.  

These chocolate bars cost £5.95 and are made with white Belgian chocolate, I'm not sure what kind of marshmallows are on top but I think the name of the bar fits perfectly. This bar isn't gluten free and also, may contain traces of nuts.

Emoji Chocolates
These Emoji chocolates made me chuckle, I'm sure your other half who loves emoji would chuckle about them too! They are on the expensive side with a price tag of £17 but they are hand painted with special paint. They're also made from Belgian white chocolate and aren't gluten free also, may contain traces of nuts. 

These are very prices, £29.95 for a box for 12 cake filled chocolates, it is filled with 12 different flavours (honey and brownie cakes in mixed flavours) some of these do contain nuts, so please be aware if you have a nut allergy like I do!

I find these skulls very pretty, I love the little crowns and the gold eye sockets, these cost £17.50 and come in a pack of 8. They are not gluten or dairy free and made from Belgian white chocolate and edible gold glitter, but if your partner is into skulls and pastel these chocolates are a perfect present.

I've had chocolate pizza before and it's lasted me a while, this is what I like most about it! You can choose your own toppings and it comes in a pizza box! The price tag is £15.50 which is a lot for a chocolate pizza, to see what ingredients it has please click on the title.

These chocolates remind are gorgeous I love that they're ombre but it makes them all the harder to eat! They cost £15 and would make a wonderful picture for Instagram, these chocolates are cookies too, filled with cream they were also made with Belgian white chocolate and tinted with pastel colours. Out of all the chocolates, these ones and the Robot chocolates appeal most to me (yes that was a hint!)

 I know not everyone likes Valentines day nor do they celebrate it, so why not get some unique chocolates for your partners anniversary or birthday instead!

Elle May x


Megan said...

These are all so cute! I especially like the robot ones. No valentine for me this year but I still might treat myself to some lovely chocolates! xx

Seek My Scribbles

Elle May said...

I would do the same if I was single haha last year I treated myself to a pandora ring and then ended up with a boyfriend the day after Valentine's Day, it was so random lol xx

Hannah said...

Ah so much chocolate! I love the robot one and the pyramid. Some of the prices though!