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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

As you can see my blog has changed, but only a little bit. I wanted to give my blog a new look but I didn't want to do anything too crazy so I decided on changing the banner, I wasn't too sure about who to go with in terms of a design so I tweeted about it and Beth suggested Carly who had done me an Alpaca a while ago. I contacted Carly earlier today and she did me a sketch of what it will look like and got me to confirm that the design was ok and of course, I was beyond happy with it. After we confirmed the colour theme and the design she got to work fast and came up with something I really wasn't expecting:

I have added a few new blog buttons of some lovely bloggers on the right side of my blog (check them out!), I still have plenty of room left if anyone else wants me to add their button for free. This year I have kind of been on a mission to drink plenty of water, I'm terrible when it comes to drinking fizzy drinks or I always end up being lazy and not getting a drink at all. So I got myself a water bottle that I fill up twice a day, It sits right next to me so it's starring at me, forcing me to drink it. This year I'm going to be having a spending ban on things I don't need, I want to save up for a new phone and the one I want is pretty expensive, I also really need a new camera so I can take better blog posts, but the phone I want has a pretty good camera anyways. Also I have made it my mission own at least one thing from the Panodra rose gold collection, I have never fallen in love with jewellery as fast as I did when I saw that collection, Have any of you seen? This is my collection by far, I need more charms to fill my bracelet up with, so hopefully someone will get me a rose gold one for it (I know a girl can dream).

It's mine and James's one year anniversary next month and I have a really cool present planned for him, once I have given it to him I may do a post on it because it has to be one of the best idea's I have ever had and I'm so proud of myself for thinking of it. This year I haven't made any New Years resolutions because I'm rubbish at keeping them and will most likely forget what they even were, so instead I'm just going to carry on being normal old moody me! I hope you all like my lovely new banner as much as I do, be sure to check out her other illustrations over at Carly Watts: Art & Illustrations, Have a wonderful evening.

Elle May x