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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Christmas Goodies.

Christmas and new year have come and gone, I couldn't be happier about it to be honest. Buying presents and being surrounded by crowds of people isn't my idea of fun, nor is seeing the new year in with a load of drunk people. I spent both Christmas and New Years with James, it was lovely and quiet just the way I like it. For Christmas I got some lovely presents, I'm ever so grateful for what I have received. I know a lot of people think sharing their presents in blog posts is a big snobby but I really enjoy reading bloggers posts on what they got, so here are a few I received; 

I have wanted this book for a little while now, I don't want to give too much away as some people are probably wanting to read it for themselves, let's just say as a person who suffers from depression it's a great read and perhaps a good gift to give to love ones to help them understand what's going on in your head as someone who suffers from depression.

I have been going on and on at people to get me a Magnitone for ages now and James surprised me with one for Christmas, It was the one thing I really wanted to get so I'm so grateful for it, thank you James! I may do a review on what I think of it, I'm not too sure if I will though, they're so many reviews around for these that I don't think people will want to read yet another review on it.

I love make up brushes, I have over 40 of them because I'm a make up brush hoarder, knows I received some more Eco tools brushes, they are cruelty free and so soft. I love using them on my face. They are travel size too, so I don't have to worry about using a big make up bag when these fit perfectly inside my small one.

As always I got some new Pandora Charms for Christmas, My parents got me the tortoise and a blue blossom bead charms and James got me a cute little reindeer, I also received a dainty heart Pandora ring from James, I love it so much I haven't taken it off.

I did get more presents than this, such as some bath bombs, a my little pony tin, some cute little cat earrings, gift cards and some more that I can't seem to remember right now I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year and that you all got at least one thing that you wanted.

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