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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

boob pains.

Before I talk about what this blog post is to do with I would just like to say it's not a sexual post so if that is what you're hoping for, I'm sorry! Now lets get back to the post, a few months back I started to get an aching pain in my boo, I thought nothing of it as my boobs get achy when I'm due on my period, then after 3 weeks the pain got worse and my boob started to feel like it was burning. I tried my best to put it to the back of my mind but when it started to swell and I could feel a little lump I freaked out a little bit.

I put off going to the doctors for about 4 months, I shouldn't of done this as the longer I left it the worst the pain was. Eventually I gave in and booked a doctors appointment which was then cancelled and moved back another week, which meant I had to wait 3 more weeks for my doctors appointment, 3 more weeks of freaking out and worrying. The weeks flew by an d I had my appointment, I found out it wasn't with my normal GP as he was off sick so I was a little freaked out about a different doctor examining me. He was a very young doctor and reassured me that I shouldn't be embarrassed about the examination as it would be over in no time (which it was). As he was doing the examination I could feel the pain in my boob worsen so he decided not to push too hard, after he had finished he explained to me that the breast tissue does feel lumpy but soft which is a good sign and he couldn't feel no hard lumps. He explained that my coil could be the main course of this pain and that I couldn't get it removed yet until they rule out the coil being the cause, he referred me to a breast clinic who called me within 3 days of my doctors appointment and booked me in the breast clinic for the 21st of this month (yesterday).

My appointment has now been and gone, I was told there could be a 4 hour wait to be seen but luckily within 30 minutes of getting there I was seen and tested, I was also told I was getting a mammogram but later on found out I'm not old enough for one, you have to be 40 for a mammogram so I had an ultra sound instead. Before my ultra sound I saw the consultant who checked both my breasts and told me they feel very lumpy and she thinks my Mirena coil is the main cause of the pain. I went in to have my ultra sound and everything was clear, My breast tissue is inflamed and it is most likely down to the coil. I'm waiting for an appointment with the GP so I can sort out getting my coil removed. If the pain in my boob doesn't stop after the coil is removed I will unfortunately have to find a way to help the pain myself. I have to say it is a huge relief that everything that came back was clear, I'm not looking forward to getting the coil removed but I am looking forward to having my body back, since I have had this coil my weight has gone crazy, so hopefully I will be able to lose the weight again. This isn't the only issue I have had since having my coil fitted, I get terrible cramps and heavy bleeding, it has made my dizziness a lot worse and on top of that it's painful to do certain activities.

If you do have the Mirena in and you're getting pains in your breasts get it checked out, it could mean that it's not working for you and you may need to find another form of contraceptive that does work for you. I've decided I will go back on the pill, not sure which one it will be yet and hopefully it doesn't cause me any hormonal or weight gain issues! Has any one else had any problems with the Mirena coil before? I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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