Affordable Matt lip?

Monday, 14 December 2015

I love lipstick, but my biggest pet peeve is when I want to kiss, eat or even drink and it comes off,so I went on the hunt for some affordable matt lip colours. I popped into my local Superdrug and started my search. There wasn't much of a selection which I was disappointed with but I did managed to find a lip butter by Collection which happened to be matt. I was ecstatic and not really sure what colour to go for, one of the girls who worked in Superdrug suggested I try pumpkin pie, which was a wonderful shade on me (actually one of my favourite colours right now). This lip butter is pretty cheap, at £2.99 for a matt lip butter it's the cheapest one I have seen, I'm not sure how long these have been around but I'm glad that I have found them. The staying power of this butter is all right, it's best to use on lips that aren't dry other wise it will look very flaky once it dries on your lips, it has great pigmentation and is very easy to apply (although my lip butter keeps falling out) you can wear it very lightly on your lips or go over it a few times to get a more bright and dramatic colour, it has also made my lips very dry which I suppose I can't complain about seeing as it was so cheap. The biggest downside is the staying power isn't great it lasts about 2 hours, 3 at best and it comes off pretty fast if you're eating and drinking, overall I give this a 3/5, it's great for the price.

Next is Bourjois Rouge edition Velvet, This is my favourite out of the two, you apply it like a lipgloss and it goes on like a lipgloss but dries matt, I chose a deep red called red-volution (nice play on words there). Again it's best to not apply this on dry lips, it doesn't look as smooth and nice otherwise. This costs £8.99 which is still affordable and not too over priced in my opinion, they have wonderful staying power, I ate and drank and the colour stayed on for about 4 hours before it started to fade properly which is a let down as Boujois claim it has a 24 hour hold, although it stays on well it still comes off on glasses when drinking and can smudge, they also come in 15 different shades and are available to buy in boots, Superdrug and pharmacies which stock make up. I would love to try more shades and give this 4/5.

Ignore my bad eyebrows, I can't be bothered to sort them yet, if anyone has any other affordable matt lipsticks they can recommend me please leave a comment!