10 Christmas activities for couples.

Friday, 4 December 2015

This year I shall be cooking James and I are spending Christmas together, I'm really excited because he actually suggested it and I feel it's a great opportunity to get to know him even better! My main problem on Christmas is that I don't want to be stuck in front of the TV or the oven most of the day, I want to have some fun activities for both of us too do, So here are a few that sound fun!

1. Treasure hunt.
I know that this sounds pretty childish but I actually love treasure hunts, especially Easter hunts! So my idea for this is too leave little clues around the house or room along side little sweets or a tree decoration and once they have found the treasure it could be an extra present, drink, dessert or a movie.

2. Baking!
I know Christmas day is full of sooo much food but I thought why not get a build your own ginger bread house kit, or a cake kit and cook together, I love baking with James we are always baking yummy goodies and I was thinking about baking chocolate brownies together and having them for our main dessert after Christmas dinner.

3. Christmas movie clip game.
I may not love Christmas movies but it would be great fun to mash together some little clips from Christmas movie and have your other half try and guess which movie it is, I'm sure a lot of people will say Home Alone several times before finally getting it right!

4. Pin the nose on the reindeer.
Yes this is a kids game but after a fair few drinks it's bound to be extremely fun and funny, the loser has to do the washing up!

5. Get a disposable camera.
I love this idea, buy a disposable camera and snap funny, cute, weird pictures of you and your other half together, once they are developed you can use some of the pictures to make your own calender or advent calender for the next year!

6. Old school gaming.
If you have old school consoles such as the N64 or dreamcast, get it out and have a gaming session with your other half, for me it would bring back some great memories of my childhood and hopefully James will let me win!

7. Build a fort.
Get inside the fort with a mug of hot chocolate whilst having a nice natter or even a nap, I know I said I don't want to be stuck in front of the TV all day but watching a Christmas movie from inside of a fort sounds wonderful.

8. A jar full of notes.
On the run up to Christmas, both write 25 highlights from your year and stick them in a jar, before you do be sure to put your initial on the back so your other half reads the ones with your initials, then chat about why they were your highlights.

9. Go for a stroll.
I prefer going for a little walk before dinner is cooked, I end up feeling so full and bloated after so it makes me not want to go anywhere. But just enjoy the silence around you, normally there is hardly anyone about on Christmas day which makes it perfect for you to appreciate your surroundings just a bit more.

10. Make your own crackers to use for new years day.
I don't know if anyone else does this, but my family normally have crackers left over from Christmas or they buy extra so we can use them on boxing day and new years at dinner time, I would love to make my own just so they have extra little gifts in for my partner.