Certainly Wood Yule Log*

* I was sent these products to review and have given my honest thoughts on them, all opinions are mine and mine alone.

When I hear the words Yule log I automatically think of a log Christmas cake which is made to look like the branch of a tree, but what I didn't realise was this derived from the burning of a real Yule log over the 12 days of Christmas, this tradition was meant to ensure good wealth, fortune and happiness for the coming year. In Scandinavia and across parts of Northern Europe in the ancient times, winter solstice festivals were held this is where the word Yule originates from. Pagans believed the sun stood still for 12 days at the end of the year and the burning of the Yule log provided them with light in the suns absence. Christians also believe that shepherds brought bundles of kindling and logs to the stable where Jesus was born to light a fire to keep him warm during this period, hence the twelve days of Christmas.

*Certainly wood has been working with Tillhill forestry and have sourced oak trees from an old woodland, from the wood they have created a contemporary Yule log. Each of the Yule logs come beautifully gift-wrapped and include a box of handmade flamers. I was lucky enough to be sent one of these boxes (I took the log out of the box and put it in my basket for decoration), which included flamers, flint wood, some pine cones and a scroll which tells the age-old story of the Yule Log along with instructions on how to light the log. Certainly Wood’s Yule Log costs £25 including P&P and can be ordered online between 1st and 19th December from Certainly Wood and makes the perfect Christmas Gift or a great addition to your own seasonal celebrations. I think it's a wonderful idea for a Christmas eve present and perfect for homes with their own fireplaces, I plan on burning mine on a fire outside! Certainly Wood is based in the heart of Herefordshire and is a family business, with brothers George and Nic Snell at the helm. 

Certainly wood's HQ is based on the family farm which is the largest specialist firewood producer in the UK, they use a mix of both traditional and modern day methods with their wood. All of the wood and kindling from Certainly Wood comes from sustainable British Woodland which is locally sourced from within a 100-mile radius of their farm. They only use hardwood for their products as hardwood burns for longer with a more intense heat. Kiln-dried logs produce minimal smoke when compared to traditional, seasoned wood, which has a much higher moisture content. Damper wood leads to sooting of the chimney or flue, which can contribute to chimney fires. Why not get someone one of these heartwarming Yule Logs for a nice cozy Christmas Eve to buy one check out Certainly Wood.

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