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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Myths about acne

When I reached 15 I suffered pretty badly with acne, I don't mean a little spot here or there I mean my whole face was covered in spots, my face was so red and sore that it would hurt to touch. I was too embarrassed to go to the doctors for it and I would use my sisters make up to try and cover it, big mistake! I would just keep piling it on and for someone who knew nothing about make up I was just making matters worse. I eventually stopped picking the spots, by the time I was about 17 my flare ups had stopped and I had learned how to apply make up properly to my face as well as keeping it as clean as I could. I still to this day get terrible break outs and I'm 27 now, so I'm pretty use to having spots. People often try to give me ridiculous advice on how to get rid of spots and tell me that certain things will help, when in fact most of these things are myths, here are just a few:

1. The more you wash your face the fewer breakouts you get:
Washing your face does help remove dirt but washing it too much can irritate it and lead to dryness which can cause more breakouts. Gently wash your face, don't scrub it you will just end up with angry irritated skin if you scrub it. Try to keep it clean by washing it twice a day and keep it moisturised to avoid dryness.

2. Give your skin some sun:
I use to be told this constantly and all it ever did was mask my spots they came back twice as bad after a few days and more angry than ever. The sun if anything can cause premature ageing and skin cancer so it's best to try and get as little sun as you can, remember to always wear sun protection even if it's a foundation with sun protection in when using one for your face use one that has noncomedogeic or nonacnegenic on as it doesn't clog your pores.

3. Adults don't get acne:
Well this is a huge lie, I'm 27 and having a really bad breakout as I type this, people seem to think spots or acne are only a hormone thing teenagers get when in fact that's not the case, People can be pretty harsh when they tell you that adults don't get acne so I normally tell them to do some research and mind their own business.

4. Touching your face will spread spots:
Bacteria deep in your pores is what causes your acne or spots, so touching the surface of your skin won't spread the spots not unless you pop the spot and put your fingers back on your face without washing your hands.

5. Leave your acne alone it will go away in time:
They say if you pick or pop your spots that is the only way acne can scar, this isn't true. Leaving it can leave permanent scar which could be avoided by getting treatment and scare you need, you may be too embarrassed to go see a doctor about it like I was but please don't suffer in silence.

6. Use toothpaste on your spots, it will make them go away faster:
People say toothpaste dries out a spot which will get rid of it, I'm guilty of doing this. The reason why you shouldn't use toothpaste on your skin is because toothpaste has menthol in which can cause irritation, itching and inflammation of the skin, please don't use toothpaste, your skin doesn't deserve to be put through more pain.

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