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Monday, 21 September 2015

My 27th birthday!

The weekend before last it was my 27th birthday and I got to spend it with James, I was happy it fell on a Saturday as me and him spend weekends together. I wasn't expecting much for my birthday seeing as I'm getting old now and birthdays aren't as magical and special as they use to be when I was younger, the day before my birthday a package arrived for me, it was from the lovely Amanda who said she had ordered a little surprise for me, when it came I actually though it was the package I had sent her and that I had mistakenly put my address as the delivery address but it turns out that we both had got each other a present from the same place which was being delivered on the same days (what are the chanced of that), She sent me a hamper from Hampers by Lucy which I will be Blogging about as soon as I can, thank you for being so thoughtful and supportive Amanda! but I was pleasantly surprised when my parents suggested I have my birthday with them a day early seeing as I was spending my actual birthday with James. 

I got some beautiful Pandora earrings from my parents, some ecotools make up brushes and a hair bow from my younger twin sisters. When I got to James's on the Saturday morning he gave me my card with a Pandora crown charm inside and told me to re read the card which said "I hope you enjoy your presents" he was like "so that means I got you more than one". I was obviously very happy about this and he handed me a little box with the necklace I wanted in. I was sitting on his bed putting my necklace on and he told me that he has one last present for me (the best one) and he handed me a black box with the Fitbit HR inside, I appreciate it so much because I really wanted one to keep an eye on my heart rate and he thought that the HR would be the right one for that (he was very right). That evening he took me for a meal at The White Hart Hotel in St Austell and we had a lovely meal, he is such a sweetheart for actually knowing what to get me, I really wouldn't of minded a card and a cake. I loved all my presents and enjoyed myself a lot, I can finally say I like my birthday again!

On the 5th of September I attended a wedding with James, two of his good mates were marrying each other and I felt very happy that he asked me to come with him. I wasn't feeling too well in the morning and thought that I was going to faint at the wedding luckily that didn't happen! The whole day was beautiful and I enjoyed myself a lot, the bride and groom both looked wonderful and I wish them all the best in their future together, here are a few pictures from the day: 

I hope everyone is enjoying September as much as I am!

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