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Thursday, 24 September 2015

Hampers by Lucy.

The day before my birthday (it was a Friday) there was a package delivered to me from my lovely friend Amanda, who is due to have her baby any time now!! It was a hamper from hampers by Lucy, the funny thing about this delivery was I ordered her baby a hamper from the same place to be delivered on the same day, so I started to panic when I saw a hamper had been delivered to my house, I foolishly thought I had put my address as the delivery address on Amanda's package but luckily that wasn't the case.

The package Amanda chose me was the girls night in hamper, I'm glad she chose this as I'm one of those girls who would rather pamper myself than go out and get drunk off my face, inside there was; socks, sweeties and popcorn, hot chocolate, nail varnish, a face mask, a hanging love heart and a cute little bracelet, all perfect for a girly night in which I had with James ( he munched all my munchies!). I love the idea of a hamper and they come at a great price, they're perfect presents to get someone who is maybe having a hard time or needs a break, especially the girls night in hamper. My favourite thing in the hamper was the wish strings bracelet, it may be a very simple bracelet but the idea behind it is a cute one. You make a wish, tie the bracelet around your wrist and when it eventually breaks away your wish will come true, yes I know fairy tails and wishes are normally for kids but it such a sweet little thing to put a smile on someones face. Also, the socks I got with the hamper have cute little bees all over them which match perfectly with my new bedsheets from wilkos.

The hamper I chose for Amanda was called the baby caterpillar hamper which I thought would be a nice change from the normal teddy hampers with the blue and pink bears, Amanda actually told me that her partner chose the hungry caterpillar theme so the hamper I had sent matched perfectly with it. Hampers By Lucy do a variety of hampers ranging from babies, to Christmas, I'm actually thinking of getting a hamper this Christmas for James (along with other presents) these hampers are a big help for those who are clueless over what to get someone! Hampers by Lucy is now in it's second business year and is stocked in several boutiques such as All by Mama and even Amazon. 

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