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Monday, 24 August 2015

Garnier Micellar water review

After reading many good reviews about Garnier's Micellar water I wanted to try it for myself, I was originally going to purchase it from Superdrug but I couldn't be bothered and I ended up getting it in wilkos (I always end up getting my beauty stuff in there), I was £5 for 400ml in Wilkos and £4.99 for 400ml in Superdrug, so there isn't much difference in price any ways. A lot of you are probably sick to death with hearing about about this product but I find it kind of interesting, I have used many different make up removers but Micellar isn't the same. Micellar water is basically micelle/micella oil molecules in a water formula which cleanses and cleans skin all whilst removing make up and dirt from your face, it does say there is no need to rinse but I personally use it and then wash my face with a face wash.

Since using this I have noticed a big difference in my face, but I'm not sure if it is down to the Micellar water removing all that dirt I may of missed or the Garnier shine be gone face wash I have been using (I will be reviewing that too). I love that it's a clear solution and basically looks like water with bubbles, it is hypo-allergenic which means it's unlikely to give someone an allergic reaction and suitable for sensitive skin which I have, It hasn't given me any problems yet. L'oreal sell their own version of Micellar water but its £3.33 for 200ml at boots and Simple's version is £4.49 for 200ml, seeing as its only around £5 for 400ml for Garnier's version I would say you get a lot more product for the price. It is a great alternative to the original Micellar water which is from Bioderma theirs retails from £10 and up but you can get a 500ml bottle from them. You can also get a travel version of some of the Micellar water's I have mentioned which is handy for going away with. 

Garnier's Micellar water states that you can get 200 uses out of it, I probably could get more out of it and I wish I kept count on how many times I have used it to see if I could actually do that. To apply I use cotton pads from wilkos, I just squirt some of the product on to the cotton pad then wipe around my face, I hold the cotton pad down on my eyes for 4 seconds then wipe to help remove the mascara, eyeliner or eye shadow, same goes for my lips. If you're using make up that is waterproof it isn't great at removing it but still does remove some of it, so I just end up washing my face with my face wash as I stated earlier and the rest of it comes off. 

Removing Avon lipstick in shade smooth plum, held the cotton pad with Micellar water on it for about 4 seconds and then wiped it and all the lipstick came off:
Removing eyeshadow in the shade Conker from Sleeks palette Au Naturel 601, wiped the eyeshadow twice with the cotton pad which had Micellar water on and it came off very easily:

I love how simple the bottle is, the solution does come out fast when I pour it out so I have to be careful I don't end up pouring too much out. This product does feel very much like a toner and I know some people use it as one, I have used this product on my boyfriend before actually, He shaved his beard off so I used it on him to remove any dirt left behind and it got the dirt off his face in no time (I should add that I also made him use my face wash after). I'm very happy with this product, I recommend it 100 times over, great for removing make up, dirt and cleaning your make up brushes!

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