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Thursday, 9 July 2015

my little ramblings #1

Yesterday was a big step for me in terms of my anxiety, I attended my first ever blogger event (a blog post will most likely be up next week on it) I'm proud that I actually managed to go their and stay for the whole thing rather then letting my anxiety and NCS get the better of me. I was feeling very light headed yesterday morning whilst getting ready to leave for the event but I tried my best to push forward and go as I've wanted to attend an event for a while now but I've been to scared or embarrassed over what people would think of me, my biggest fear which causes most of my anxiety is fainting in front of people who I've only just met or strangers, I wouldn't want them to take on the responsibility of making sure I'm OK after fainting or not knowing what to do if I did faint. I did have two episodes where I had to walk out of the shop and go downstairs to get air as I could feel myself slowly blacking out, luckily everyone was lovely about this and didn't make a big deal over it which made me feel very comfortable and not out of place so I'm very thankful for that. I know everyone says they have anxiety today but those who do actually have it will understand how hard it is to battle especially when you're in public, so for me to actually put myself in a situation where I knew that my NCS would play havoc was a huge deal for me personally. I do go out places but it's normally with a small group of 3/4 or just me and James alone, I would usually put earphones in and blast my ears with music when surrounded by more people so that was my little triumph. 

The next thing I have to ramble about is shaming people, I know everyone knows what happened on Benefits Twitter a few days ago (fat shaming) so I won't go into much detail over that but I do want to talk about why it's not OK to tell someone who is slimmer than you that they can't have an opinion on a matter such a the benefit one because they aren't fat. This is wrong, everyone is entitled to an opinion whether it's a good or bad one, we should all be able to have a mature debate without having to shut someone down because they're slimmer or even bigger then us. No one knows if that person has battled with their weight or their appearance, you don't know their life story. You may be against fat shaming (I am against any kind of shaming) but you're shaming someone else by telling them they can't do something because their not big enough, which is what bigger people face a lot of the time so no it's not right to tell them they can't do/say something because of their size, you wouldn't want people to be like that towards you so please be considerate towards others.

My last ramble is about sending small home made businesses/ or big emails demanding free stuff for you to review. I am all for bloggers receiving free stuff but you have to go about it the right way, demanding a product just because you blog isn't the right way. I have and I will never demand a free product in fact the only thing I normally do is send the business an email saying I have ordered/purchased a product or products from their shop and would love to do a blog post on them and asked them if I could possibly use any of their product posts for the blog post as well as my own, they have always been polite and lovely and more than happy for me to do this some even told me they added a little freebie with my products, I was very grateful that they had done this, they didn't have to but they still did, they even shared my blog post on their social media which gained me a few of you lovely followers. So please next time you think about sending a hand made business big or small an email or message demanding free products think about how that makes you look, just because you blog doesn't mean you're entitled to free stuff.

That's all I have to say for now, sorry if I ramble too much, it's just nice to get some things off your chest!


Hannah said...

Well done on yesterday not sure if you could tell but it's a personal triumph for me too. My first event was a pretty crap anxiety wise but this one was the polar opposite. Social anxiety has crippled me most of my life and I've done a lot over recent years and this is just another thing, sadly didn't make the next time any easier! My ultimate goal is to be able to work which terrifies me currently! X

Elle May said...

I couldn't tell at all, you was chatty and very friendly towards everyone, you hide it very well I must say but you must of worked hard to be able to do that. I know where you're coming from, it's hard to put yourself in that mindset and push yourself, people who say "oh don't worry you will get over it" won't ever understand what it's like battling with yourself like that, it's been lovely meeting :) I hope you and your family are well x