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Monday, 13 July 2015

Free the Squeeze!! Mish & Panache Lingerie Blogger event.

A few weeks ago I received an email from Mish Lingerie asking me if I would like to attend their first ever blogger event, I was so flattered and happy to be asked so of course, I said yes. Mish Lingerie was created to help us ladies with larger boobs, sometimes it can be hard to find pretty lingerie for the bigger breasted woman but Mish gives us women access to beautiful lingerie that does our curves justice. Mish is a Cornwall based shop located in Bodmin, each of their customers are offered a bra size fitting from one of their professional bra fitters. They have a wide variety of bras to fit all sorts of body shapes and bra sizes such as mastectomy bras, Bridal lingerie, matching bra and knicker sets, garters, maternity etc.

This was my first ever blogging event that I have attended, I have been invited to a few before but they were all based in London which was very far and expensive for me to travel to for one day. But back to this blog post, the day of the event was a very muggy and rainy day I had no idea what to wear because rain and heat are two of the hardest a combos to dress for, I just ended up wearing a flowery dress from boo hoo with some cut out boots, I wasn't feeling too well that day and my NCS was playing havoc with me but I still managed to stay from 10am till 3pm instead of rushing off home.

To start off with we learned about Panache and who their brand is specifically aimed, For those of you who have no Idea who Panache are, they are a lingerie company that has been going since the 1980's stocking lingerie in sizes D-K. They have a number of different brands the main one being Panache which is for the everyday comfort, Panache black for a luxurious and glamorous feel, Cleo for the young at heart, Sculptresse is the plus range sizes), Panache sportswear and swimwear. Their main focus has been about 'the best class' when it comes to their D cup plus lingerie, for them, it's not just about designing beautiful garments but also to craft products that enhance and support each body type. Panache lingerie is being sold in 53 countries worldwide, they are now available at many of the world's best lingerie retailers. They have also won a number of different awards including:

2012 & 2013 - Sports Bra Brand of the Year at the UK Lingerie Awards
2013 - Queens award for International Trade
2012 - Best Maternity Bra, Bloom Awards
2002 - Queens award for International Trade

Here are a few pictures from their ranges:

Panache Jasmine 
Bra // Knickers 

Elle by Panache 
Bikini Top // Bikini Brief

Panache Evie Bridal 
Bra // Thong
Mish managed to get hold of some lovely customers of hers who volunteered to model some of the underwear for us from the summer, autumn and winter collections. Unfortunately and foolishly of me, I didn't take any pictures of the models my phone has been a nightmare and started to die, but more pictures can be seen on Instagram just type in #freethesqueeze to see more from the event! My favourite out of all the Panache collection has to be Cleo, its fun bright and quirky at and got to see a sneak preview of the autumn/winter collection which will be launched some time towards the end of this month.

After the learning about Panache, Mish went on to tell us about why it's important to wear the right bra size and how to find out if you're wearing the wrong one this is where #freethesqueeze comes in, she explained to us that squeezing into the right size bra means you're not getting the support that your boobs need, most women think the should go up a size around the band in bra sizes when they should be going up a cup size, if your boobs are squished inside of a bra and giving you double or even triple boobs it's not because of the band it's more then likely the cup size is too small so it's important to get measured rather than trying to guess your bra size (like I use to). If your band that you're wearing is riding up your back it could either be because it is too big or the elastic has gone in the bra, there is a lot of science that goes into bras that I never even knew! We were all given a size fitting to see if we were wearing the right size after Mish provided us with a yummy lunch, I found out that my cup sizes were two sizes too small and I should of been wearing a 36DD and not a 36C, which was a huge shock for me! I tried on the Tango Balcony bra in white, which I fell in love with and ended up taking home with me, Mish provided us all with an underwear set of our choice (my knickers are being sent out) and a gift bag, I will hopefully have a review up of my underwear set soon. 

If you want to see what the other bloggers from the event wrote in their blogs check them out:

I'm glad that I learned so much from bras and that I can now tell how a bra properly fits rather than taking a guess, I seriously urge others to go for a bra fitting it's much easier than second guessing all the time! I would like to thank Mish for inviting me and making me feel comfortable even when I ran out the room, you and the girls never made a big deal out of it and I appreciate it, I had a wonderful day and I shall be ordering from you soon! If you want to see what other range of underwear Panache and Mish Lingerie stock the links are below:


Stevie - A Cornish Mum said...

It was lovely to meet you Elle, and it was a fab event :) My size was completely ridiculously wrong as you'll see in my post ;)

Stevie x

Elle May said...

For some odd reason my reply to this didn't go through, it was lovely meeting you too, it's amazing how wrong I was about how to tell if a bra is my own size haha. Hope you're all doing well x

Hannah said...

Your photos are gorgeous Elle I didn't get one of the food but then I had a buffet on my lap ha ha. I loved the underwear I came home with. Oh, can you blog the bandelettes you bought?! X

Elle May said...

Thanks to the power of VSCOcam lol I edited my pics with it! I have a blog post written and ready to post for the bandelettes :) I hope you will like it! Xx

mark johnson said...

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