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Monday, 22 June 2015

Sleek Blush By 3 Blush Palette in ‘Lace’

Chantilly // Guipure // Crochet

My wonderful sister sent me a load of makeup not long ago, I was actually really excited to receive the makeup as I hadn't bought any for myself in a while. The thing I was most looking forward to trying was the sleek blusher, not only are the colours pretty but I enjoy using sleeks products and I was nearly all out of blusher. 

I like how simple Sleek's packaging is, it's not too over the top or trying too hard, it's basically Sleek just like the companies name! I like that this palette has 3 different shades to choose from, 3 shades which aren't similar in anyway, they are all very pigmented and my favourite shade is the middle one (guipure). You don't need too much blush on your make up brush to apply to your cheeks as the colours come out really well in one brush stroke. the last shade on the palette (crochet) is the perfect colour for rosy cheeks and the first colour (chantilly) is more of an autumn shade, rather than a summery shade (I know a few people may disagree with me with on that). 

You can buy this palette for around £9.99 from Superdrug or directly from Sleek, it's a pretty good blush palette for the price and each colour looks lovely against my pale skin but only if I apply the colours lightly to my cheek, this palette is more for an olive skin tone, I would love to try out the Pink Sprint palette to see if it suits my skin tone a bit better, There are 7 of these palettes to choose from, one of the palettes have a set of 3 cream blushers (Californ.I.A) and another palette called Pink Lemonade consists of one cream and two powder blushers whereas the other 5 from the collection are all powder based blushers. I think it's great that they have included cream blushers in this collection, it gives you so much more variety to choose from.

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