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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Avon lipstick haul

First of all want to state I didn't buy these lipsticks, in fact the lovely Amanda from Classicgrl sent me a box full of Avon goodies as she is an Avon rep. She is such a sweet heart and didn't need to go out of her way, i'm ever so grateful for my goodie box so thank you so soo much Amanda you're a star and I hope you and bump are doing well. I love every single colour that Amanda picked out for me, I think all of them suit me and I've been wearing them all which is odd for me because i'm normally a lip balm or lipgloss kind of girl.

(Each swatch/lipstick review is in order of the colour lipsticks above)

Vintage pink (extralasting)
When I first put this on my lips I noticed it had a nice buttery feel and kept my lips lovely and moisturised, It did stay for a good amount of time on my lips and I liked that it was a darker shade of pink. You can build up the colour by going over it on your lips a few times to make it an intense pink colour or keep it light by applying one or two coats, I prefer it a darker shade as light shades tend to make me look washed out and like a corpse. I think this will be the lipstick I shall be wearing to James's mates wedding, it will match wonderfully with my pink and white dress.

Smooth Plum (ultra colour absolute)
This shade is my favourite, I never thought that dark shades would suit me until I tried this on my lips, The colour instantly made my eyes stand out more and looked lovely next to my pale skin, it also seemed to give my lips a more fuller look, they looked a lot more plumped then compared to the other Avon lipsticks. When i applied this lipstick I didn't have to apply several coats to make it darker as one coat provided me with a lovely dark purple with a hint of pink which you can see in my swatch. The lipstick itself doesn't have great lasting power and comes off when you eat or drink so you would need to keep having to reapply throughout the day, It feels very smooth and creamy when applying but can look messy around the edges if you go a tiny bit over your natural lip line.

Dream Fushia (Ultra colour rich)
Another darkish pink lipstick which suits me because it makes my eyes stand out, I wasn't too sure about this shade as it reminded me of a barbie pink (a much darker shade of barbie pink) and I haven't liked barbie pink ever since me and my sister asked for our  bedroom to be painted that colour when we were 8 and 9. It has a lovely shimmer and wasn't too glossy, the colour is very bold and  has a nice shine to it. When the lipstick dried on my lips it turned matte which a nice little surprise, I kept this lipstick on for about 4 hours and it hadn't come off so the staying power it really good, this lipstick also feels very moisterising when first applied but that changes once it turns matte.

Blush Nude (ultra colour rich)
As I said before shades like this make me look like a corpse but I discovered that if I wear a pink blusher with it and eyeliner it looks perfectly fine as the lipstick has a hint of pink that goes well with the blusher. This lipstick was the creamiest one out of all 5, the more coats I applied I found the colour wasn't as nice so in this case less is more. The colour stayed on for about 3 hours which isn't too bad, it did have a strange taste but dried out my lips a tiny bit so even though it was creamy to apply it didn't feel like it moiturised my lips.

Hibiscus (ultra colour) 
This shade is such a pretty colour it reminds me a lot of my topshop blusher 'head over heels' it can brighten up any look even if you're wearing black. It applies very smoothly feels creamy and light, it has a nice glossy finish and is perfect for the summer. The lipstick is hydrating and keeps your lips feeling moisterised and has a sheer finish, I keep this lipstick in my bag at all times because it's my go too lipstick to make my face look more fresh, it stayed on my lips for a little over 4 hours.

Thank you once again Amanda for my goodies, I'm really enjoying them! I hope to one day meet you and your little bundle of joy once he has arrived! 

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