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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Barry M limited edition lip gloss.

I want to start this off by saying I'm not a lip gloss kind of girl, in my chav days I was but as I've got older I really don't like them and prefer lipsticks/balms/ or lip stains. I won the Barry M limited edition lip gloss a few weeks back and was a bit reluctant to actually give it a go, not just because it was lip gloss but also because it has glitter in and i felt like I may be putting on barbie lip gloss or something (brings back memories!). 

But I gave in and decided to stop judging something by the way it looked, when I opened it I could smell a strong scent of vanilla which was a pleasant surprise the lip brush pushed itself out as soon as I unscrewed it which was most likely due to the fact it was packed full of lip gloss inside. I really didn't want to put it on my lips because I feared it would be sticky and the nasty on my lips, that sort of texture isn't nice at all. I was very wrong, the lip gloss went on smoothly it didn't feel sticky and all in fact it just felt like the texture of a nice creamy lip balm. I really like the shimmer it leaves on my lips, I think the glitter helps make it a bit more shimmery rather than me looking like a space girl. I would say this lip gloss lasted on my lips about 2 hours maybe a bit longer. I want to try some of the other colours they do, maybe a light pink or a dark red (if they do one I haven't checked yet). All in all i'm happy with this product, it's not bad for something I won in a giveaway!

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