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Monday, 27 April 2015

Got my septum pierced!

For a while now I have wanted a new piercing and I wasn't sure what I wanted to get out of the 3 piercings I have been wanting for ages so back in January I asked the people of Twitter and they said go for the septum piercing, which I decided on in the end. I waited until March as I had a MRI in feb and I wanted to wait to make sure I didn't have to go for another as I have to take my piercings  out for the MRI. 

I finally got it done a few weeks ago, I would say I wasn't nervous because I was terrified! As much as I like piercings the needles put me off so much, most people will know I faint when I see a needle because I'm a chicken! I went into ouch in St Asutell and they were polite as ever, I signed some paper work and chose which colour septum ring I wanted which was pink and bought some aftercare solution. At this point my heart was racing and I was making myself scared which was uncalled for, my mum came with me and she made me feel much better about it as did the girl who was going to be piercing me. She told me I had the option of numbing spray or no numbing spray and that sometimes the spray itself freaks people out because of the fumes but when I pressed it against my nose it wasn't too bad, it did make my eyes water but I got use to the smell.

I lay down and she used these strange looking clamp things on the inside of my nose to see where she would be piercing my septum, after that she clamped it and pushed the needle through which made my eyes water but wasn't too bad, she had to push the ring through which actually hurt more than anything then popped the ball on and it wasn't painful after that. I had to lay down for about 5 minutes because I faint after piercings it luckily I was fine and when I got outside I took off all my layers of jackets to make sure I wouldn't faint whilst walking. So far it's been healing well, it has been bleeding a tiny bit where I ave knocked it and the ball has fallen off but the ring still manages to stay and not come out. I was suppose to go back after 3 weeks to get it changed but I have been lazy and a bit of a chicken because I know it will hurt when it gets changed.

For those of you who are wanting a septum piercing I would advise you to find a good piercer who will make you feel relaxed as it can be an intense pain for some people. Luckily for me I would say that it hurt less than I thought it would. I was asked why I didn't just get a fake one instead of going through the pain of a real one but I didn't want a fake one! I personally like it, what do you think of septum piercings?

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