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Monday, 26 January 2015

Lush's snow fairy shower gel

Ever since Snow fairy came out I wanted to try it, I wasn't so sure about it because I have sensitive skin and I get scared to use new things. It wasn't until my sister Stefi recommended it to me that I decided to take the plunge and try it. I know there are a lot of these snow fairy reviews floating around the blogging world so one more won't hurt. 

My first impression of snow fairy was a great one (still is) the pink colour reminded me of teletubbie custard, which my little sisters use to actually eat in their straw bowls, I found it adorable! I hadn't used such a pink shower gel before especially one with glitter mixed with it. Before I bought it I decided to smell it, if it wasn't a good smell I wasn't going to buy it, but sure enough it has a wonderful sweet smell to it, there are other snow fairy lush products which are also limited edition which I plan on trying once they are back in the store. I use my shower gel in the bath as body wash, unfortunately for me I faint too long standing up due to my NCS so baths are safer for me. I don't just use it as a body wash, it comes in handy as a bubble bath but seeing as snow fairy is out for a limited time (comes out for Christmas only) I have to save what I have left because it's no longer stocked in lush until later on in the year. 

Snow fairy shower gel comes in 3 different prices; 100g £3.50, 250g £6.25 and 500g is £10.95, now I know to a lot of people £10.95 is a lot of money but you have to remember that the Lush products are vegan friendly and have natural ingredients. The Shower gel as I said before has a very sweet smell which is described as a candy floss and pear drop scent on the bottle which I personally think it smells like too. The shower gel lathers up nicely I use mine with a bath scrunchie. It is a very creamy shower gel and a small bit does go a long way, the glitter inside the shower gel isn't noticeable on your skin but the shower gel it's self does leave you smelling yummy for hours. As you can see from my picture I'm slowing running out of it which makes me very sad, I should of bought more!

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