Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. - EllexMay


Saturday, 27 December 2014

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

Hey my lovelies, I hope you're all having a fun festive week! I can't believe Christmas Day has come and gone it's come around so fast, I think back to last year and my life was completely different. Last year I was embarking on a new relationship and this year I'm spending my first Christmas (in a while) single. I personally thought it was going to be terrible and depressing but honestly I had a lovely day and it was nice spending it with my family. I know some people think Christmas is about presents but to me it's more then that, ,My family and I are very close and I plan to make new happy memories and try to forget the awful things that have occurred over the past 2 years. I wanted to just thank all of you for following me and I hope that you all have a happy new year, I'm not sure what I'm doing for it yet (most likely spend it in my room alone) but I'm planning on making the most of 2015 and hopefully good things will come my way!

I got a Pandora bracelet for christmas from my parents and a few other little bits from them, I can't wait to start building up my charms on the bracelet, I also got a few gifts from friends getting presents didn't bother me too much I was more interested in the food. Yesterday I decided to go into town and see if there was any good deals on, I only ended up getting a cardigan, underwear and slippers from Asda and this beautiful necklace from Newlook for £8, seriously look how gorgeous it is.


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Carly said...

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas even if things have been a bit up and down lately :) <3 I hope this new year brings great things for you! xxx