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Saturday, 1 November 2014

Boots No7 stay perfect foundation.

I brought this a number of weeks ago now, I wanted to wait a while before writing my review about it as I wanted it to be honest (which I am anyways). This foundation promises to be long lasting and stay perfect, I've used a number of foundations which say they do just that and that wasn't the case. I was scared in case it would make me break out as I have very sensitive skin and it's easily irritated and thought I would end up using this for a week and give up on it, even though it is one of my more expensive foundations (£14) but I was very wrong about that, well so far I'm wrong we shall see now that the weather is getting colder. 

No7 stay perfect foundation comes in a range of 17 shades which is pretty impressive seeing as some foundations don't have over 10 shades! I got mine in the shade cool ivory I wasn't sure if it would match but it did, I had only popped into boots to have a look around before I went to line up for eurogamer. I really wanted a foundation with good coverage that didn't look cakey and would make my skin feel like it could still breathe, it does just that! It gets rid of the redness in my skin as makes it look very natural and one pump of the pot is just enough to cover my whole face.

I haven't tried this foundation with a primer underneath it yet, a few of my friends said I should give it a go as it gives the foundation more of a flawless look (I guess that depends on the primer) but I'm naughty and don't like wearing primers, I also don't like applying too much foundation to my face that's why this one in particular is a favourite of mine as I said before it gives me enough coverage. I feel that I'm comfortable with using just this foundation right now unless it does stop working for me over the winter, if that happens I will be going back to Rimmel match perfection in the shade 102 true ivory. One thing I don't like about No7 stay perfect foundation is the feel of the glass pot, It feels strange and when my nail accidentally touches it, it makes my teeth go on edge (strange I know). I also decided to get the compact version of this foundation which is more of a matte moose, I got it in the same shade too as I thought I may as well see the difference in both foundations with the same shade, I haven't used it as much but once I have I will be doing a review on it. Who else has tried this No7 Stay Perfect foundation? If you would like to try it out you can purchase it from Boots.

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Shubha Juyal said...

I have heard a lot of good reviews on this foundation...would love to try it one day..too bad it isn't available where I live :(

Blue Velvet Addict